Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dr. Tamar Gendler and Open Learning Yale University

I downloaded the applications iTunesU for my iphone.  The selection of choices for the app in itunes was slim except for this truly remarkable presentation "Philosophy and Science of Human Nature" by philosopher Tamar Gendler.  Philosophy can be dry but Dr. Gendler enlivens it with present day relevance.  She uses the stories of Vietnam war politically decided 'point' soldier experiences to explore morality as discussed by Plato and Aristotle. She describes Milgram's experiments on decision making exploring the horrors of Nazi Germany with Aristotles learning of habits.  Happiness and pleasure are compared while in the midst of these discussions she gives delightful comments about her husband's experience at MIT, a bar mitzvah event or the education of her own children in comparison with the teaching of male philosophers who implicitly are not mothers.
For the last 2 weeks I've had the true pleasure of hearing a Dr. Gendler lecture each morning on the way to work in my car or returning home.
I am very thankful to Dr. Gendler for her erudition and exciting teaching capacity and itunes and Yale for enlivening my commute.  Thank you.

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