Sunday, May 6, 2012

Brunette River Walk - Birds

The wood ducks were in fine form. The Canada geese had goslings and the mallard ducks had ducklings. There were scaups.  Caribou Damn was just the way it was last year.  Looking very efficient and well cared for.  I think one bird whose picture I took was a Hermit Thrush. The brown headed cowbird was alone, it's mate having probably laid her eggs in a robbin's nest who was now raising cowbirds without knowing. The walk was well populated but not crowded. Others were walking their dogs too. It was great that cyclists were banned in Burnaby Park.  They've got downtown Vancouver to themselves now.    On the Rotarian Spit dogs weren't allowed so Laura kept Gilbert while I went on to take bird pictures.  That's where children were watching the dozens of goslings up close.  Lots of bird photographers were out.  Even the Squirrels were posing.  Everyone 's plummage looked good on this lovely sunny day in May..  DSC 0447DSC 0450DSC 0482DSC 0427DSC 0443DSC 0458DSC 0425DSC 0426DSC 0435DSC 0461DSC 0465DSC 0489DSC 0473DSC 0471DSC 0499DSC 0500

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very natural pics