Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heckling in Parliament

Coming to work I listened to Currents on CBC.  I enjoy Maria Tremonte though invariably I am overall irritated by the CBC left wing bias that permeates all the programming. Even the music played seems to prefer Jamaican dope smoking Bob Marley to Canadian Whiskey drinking Gordon Lightfoot.  Still, today I enjoyed listening to Jack Layton commenting on the need for containment of heckling in parliament.  He and Stephen Harper, Conservative leader, are starting in today's historic Canadian parliament. It would be nice if we could hear the comments of individuals before the ill mannered bullying hecklers take over.  Parliament is not a comedy club.  Because of all the excessive, tasteless, stupid heckling, it is necessary today to make that statement. Stephen Harper wants less heckling too. The hope for all is that a Speaker will be chosen who is sufficiently well mannered and confident themselves that they will 'referee' parliament appropriately so that heckling won't destroy the role of parliament.
The Canadian people right now are enjoying the NHL games especially as last night the Canadian Vancouver Canucks beat the dastardly low life American Bostonian Bruins in the first Stanley Cup play off game.   Electorially Canadians sent former liberal leader Ignatieff back to Boston. There is little doubt the Canucks will do the same to this American hockey team that dares to invade Canada like those drunken americans warriors who came north only to be turned back in 1812.  Canada didn't like the American TV boxing show hockey games of a few years back.  They have always preferred  Goretsky skill over the enforcer brawn.  The epitome of hockey to Canadians was the Russian Canadian games of years gone by where there was hard hitting but no brawling. That's what has made this NHL series so entertaining again.   Brawling on the ice is like heckling in Parliament.  Highland Canadians have always been more sophisticated than their lowland American counterparts.   If we want to see brawling and heckling we can always watch Americans on their endless reality tv series.    
Now  Harper and Layton want less heckling and more skill in the Canadian parliament.  If the Canadian politicians can become as sportsman as the Canucks we'll have a whole lot better country.

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