Saturday, June 4, 2011

Polaris Sportsman 500 HO ATV and the Hunting Dog

I bought the Polaris Sportsman 500 HO ATV because my friend Ryan said it was the best machine for what I needed. He knew the fellows at 5 Star Motorsport in Chilliwach and said they'd give me the best deal.  That all happened.  I've 105 miles on my Sportsman now having taken it all over the back country mountains of the Fraser Canyon.  I've been through trees and over bushes, through roads all slashed up and in and out of trenches.  I did that alone at first. Then I added Gilbert, my bird dog to the equation. I have the hunting rifle and seat package added plus the electric winch on the front of the Polaris.  I have a harness on Gilbert and a simple clasp attached round one of the handles on the rear seat.  It's secure.  One clip and Gilbert is clipped in. He fits right in behind me.  He rides on my Harley Davidson Electric Glide Motorcycle in a soft box that's tied on the bike with him harnessed in.  He thought it was going to be that sort of deal at first.  I could tell he was a little wary of this new machine.  But he wants to go where I go and he'd been pretty upset being left behind with the girl. So I lifted him up and clipped him in the first time.  We were off.  I do 25 miles an hour easily in high now.  He was just fine. Gilbert's a cockapoo and finds grouse.  I was bear hunting and I think in his mind he was more than capable of fetching a bear too.  The point I wanted to make though was that a big dog could sit behind me in the same space.  It's supposed to take a human passenger. I could picture a lab or my old springer spaniel cross setter being just fine on the Polaris.  I'd have squinch up forward a bit more if I took Ryan's Bull Mastiff.  But I see some of the other HOG members doing that for their Big-Momma-Adds- Traction babes too.   Gilbert and I had a whole lot of room.  Whenever I stopped I clipped off Gilbert and he jumped right down. When I called he jumped right up and took his place in the back seat so I could hook him in. He wasn't going to be left behind.  The Polaris Sportsman 500 HO is definitely the way to go with a hunting dog.  I haven't tried out the girlfriend in back yet but I think that will be just fine too.   Gilbert loves the Polaris Sporstman 500 HO and he can fetch!DSCN9188DSCN9185DSCN9186

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