Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gilbert Boat Dog

Gilbert, my cockapoo and his sister, cat, Angel are in fact accomplished sailors.  I've had repairs to the S.V. GIRI going on since last fall so haven't been taking the boat out as I would usually do.  Then Angel hides in my sock drawers or traipses about doing high wire cat acts among the sails and antennaes. Gilbert runs around the deck or sits beside me when the boat is out.  On dock he loves to race up and down the whole length of it at high speed.  With all the sailing I've done in previous years,  I've really enjoyed spending more time this year in the interior with RV, atv, truck or motorcycle.  Sometimes I've actully just enjoyed hiking.   Gilbert loves running up and down the dock and being on the GIRI and did just that when I returned to the GIRI this week. Everywhere Gilbert goes there are toys of his which are evidently, by his excitement, are new to him again.  He looks so cute as he attacks a squeaky toy. In his mind he is tearing out it's entrails and ripping it's head off.  He is just so cute though. DSC 0486DSC 0484

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