Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Senate Reform - Return of the Depends Dispenser

Harper and the Conservatives have begun the long overdo Senate Reform. What got everyone moving on this motion was  so many senators being found dead in chambers. Had a new house not been called no one would have noticed. Worse still the bodies were mummified suggesting they had probably died in the days of Lester Pearson.  Mulroney and Chretien may have known about the dead bodies but given there were  equal numbers of dead neither of these old politicos would do anything to upset the balance.  The old man and old woman smell in the Senate was blamed for a long time on the austerity measures brought in by the  Conservative minority government which had the Depends Diaper  machine  removed from Senate.   The proposed Senate reform includes life assessment at least every 3 or 4 years.  Such a timely measure would have saved all sorts of embarrassment for Harper and Layton who knew they were opening a can of worms but hadn't thought it would lead to this.  All in all some 40 senators have been excavated from Senate.  There is no suggestion of foul play despite the smell.

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