Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anti Matter, Vancouver, British Columbia

In Vancouver anti matter was held for a matter of minutes which is eons to this slippery other side of the same equation.  Metaphorically one might recall that the greatest joke of the devil was to convince the world he did not exist.  Yet here the antithesis of life as we know it has shown itself in British Columbia where scientists grappled to keep an eye on the rogue agent until he once again slipped into obscurity.  Alternatively in a less than biblical sense the antimatter seemed a symbol of the world of Bizarro from Superman comics.  The question which one might further ask is that if there is life with matter is there anti life or just another life with anti matter.  The image of the microscope returns and we see the pond water teeming with another world down the rabbit hole.  It seems true though that the antimatter discovery could only have occurred here and not in prairie Saskatchewan. There is something so dynamic and ultra modern or post modern here that contrasts with the agricultural calm of Saskatchewan.  Anti matter might well exist there in plain sight and the average farmer wouldn't give it a thought since the cows needed milking and the hay was ready for harvest. Only on the west coast where cultures collided can physics twist like the very earth no longer flat but thrown about by volcanic plates.  We wait indeed to fall off the edge of the earth or be washed away by the next tsunami.  Given so little time the scientists peek into the abyss and search for other worlds in our own.

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