Saturday, June 4, 2011

Canyon Alpine RV Park - Another weekend

The Canyon Alpine RV Park is just 2 km north of Boston Bar in the Fraser Canyon.  This is our third long weekend here. We're absolutely loving the magnificent outdoors and quiet surroundings. I have been driving all over the back country enjoying exploring, the scenery, driving my adult Wonka truck or my Desert Rat ATV, killing pop cans with the Ruger 30:06 rifle, with my faithful companion, Gilbert Wookie,  supposedly looking for bear.  I saw one big fellow and he showed great discretion by exitting at high speed.  Meanwhile Laura has  remained at the RV playing with her little house in the woods and lying about in the back yard trailer trashing up the sunshine on a recliner with a fashion magazine.  She did however drive the new ATV around the park just in case she had to in an emergency ride one to rescue a dog, a cat, or a grandchild from the sadistic serial sexual predators we watch every night on Criminals Minds cable tv eating barbecue.  When sadistic sexual cannibals are in short supply we watch NCIS where bearded moslem terrorists are preparing to bomb an american city nightly.  If the Moslems shaved the American profilers would be totally mystified.  Meanwhile the Chinese insist they aren't doing cyber warfare.  Julian Assange got the peace medal in Australia having refused to have sex with Swedish girls because they can't compete with Australian women. Somewhere out there in a galaxy far away politics and work are happening while here we're watching hummingbirds and Gilbert who is begging for moreDSCN9159 treats.  DSCN9137DSCN9148DSCN9142DSCN9145DSCN9152DSCN9150DSCN9144DSCN9157DSCN9147

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