Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Avalon by the Sea Women's Society Fashion Show and Tea

What a glorious group of women working for a truly heavenly cause.  Avalon by the Sea in White Rock is the latest Avalon women's centre to be founded for women suffering alcoholism and addiction. Women helping women.  This is a non profit self supporting society that establishes welcoming safe places where women can come to address their issues of addiction.  Girls and ladies gathering to share their 'experience, strength and hope with 12 step programs, AA and meetings with child care services to help each other on the road to recovery. This gala fashion show and fund raiser was truly an event to attend if only to witness what service can be achieved wholly voluntarily.  A feast for the eyes, with tea and cookies, fabulous music by Michael Gillette, and  inspiration.
The Avalon by the Sea Women's Society Fashion Show and Tea was held at the Kwomais Lodge in Surrey. Janice King, president, welcomed all who came to fill the hall.  Helen Burman, Founder of Avalon told the story of Avalon.  Mary Molson shared on the fund raising success of the "One Day at a Time" Campaign.  Monica Morten shared her Avalon Story.
I was honored and priviledged to speak brielfly on the how the disease of alcoholism with its physical, emotional and mental devastation is ravashing women in a far worse way than it has men with heart disease, breast cancer, early liver cirrhosis, depression, anxiety disorders and sexual and physical violence.  Fortunately women respond better to treatment. In contrast to men they seem more ready to follow directions.
I  routinely recommend women attend Avalon centres because of the special concern and safety the women in recovery there give to newcomers. The successes I have seen have been quite miraculous.
Anna Kristina Boutique, Melange, and Sea Orchid provided the dresses for the fashion show. It was a thoroughly delightful spring event that hopefully will become an annual occurence. Avalon by the Sea Women's Society is doing amazing work at making a dream reality. DSC 0031 DSC 0046DSC 0020DSC 0016DSC 0013DSC 0012DSC 0019DSC 0008DSC 0029DSC 0047DSC 0023DSC 0028DSC 0040DSC 0039DSC 0048DSC 0024DSC 0022DSC 0038DSC 0045DSC 0021DSC 0050DSC 0047DSC 0041DSC 0049DSC 0036DSC 0052

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janice king said...

thank you, Dr. Hay for this endorsement. We have had wonderful response and met our 2 primary objectives; 1) to raise some start up money and 2) to create a positive " buzz" in the community.
I also hope it will become an annual event.