Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

So enjoying this ‘brief history of human kind’

Learned that humans evolved in East Africa 2.5 million years ago. Use of tools identified early mankind.  Bone marrow scavenger tools.
Only 400,000 years ago did humans hunt large animals together. Use of fire and society and large head Neanderthal and Sapiens.  Sapiens appear 150,000 years ago.
Interbreeding theory - Sapiens spread into Neanderthal Lands north.  Sapiens spread into Erectus lands east, Chinese a mixture of Sapients and Erectus
2010 geneticists - Middle East and Europe - 1-4 % human DNA Neanderthal/ 6% of modern DNA of Melanesian and Aboriginal Australians is Denisovan DNA
50,000 years ago Neanderthal, Sapiens and Denisovians...Then genocide and taking over of other’s resources. Last remains of Homo sole sis 50,000 years ago. Last homodenisova about 50,000 years ago.  Last Neanderthals 30,000 years ago.  Last human drarvs of Flores Islands 12,000 years ago
Last 10,000 years Homo Sapiens.
Theory - Homo sapiens conquered the world thanks to it’s unique language.
- details from Sapiens

Insight -
The bottom line is that aboriginals were not kind to their neighbours and neither are we.  The conquerer writes the history though.  

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