Friday, October 20, 2017

Gratitude Friday

Thank you God for my night of rest. I have known countless nights awake on call in hospitals and community. I have been a wake nights at sea through storms unable to sleep for slept meant death.  I have had so many nights with nightmares, the faces of the dead and the constant judgement of the ungodly perfect superiors.  I have played to you Lord but being a people pleaser I have tried as well not to offend the devil.  The devil rules this land and I am sorely afraid.  But I beg for your mercy. These are the times Isaiah prophecized of the “long necked women and their boys”.  There have been so many nights sleepless at the bedside of sick and dying.  My dogs loss of his remaining eye this week has been terribly trying, but it is good that he is well now.  Thank you for the night of rest.
Thank you for the recovery of my dog. Gilbert. He was only awake once last night. Whimpering for attention. Lonely and afraid.  I am pleased each day as his life is restored.  I am thankful that his life is no longer being threatened.  I am thankful that he is recovering. It was such a gift this morning that George, the rescue cat, came out into the living room, walked up to Gilbert and put his head inside Gilbert’s cone of shame and rubbed noses.  Gilbert’s tail wagged. He’s been bored more now. Unable to play with the cone on.  Frustrated, and here was George making contact.
Thank God we are not alone. Even if this is a mental created illusion of me and others it’s better than that deep sense of despair that I feel at times when I touch the isolation and existential angst.  Thank you for the Holy Spirit, the advocate sent by Jesus to comfort us who are Christians.  I find comfort in that sense of connection with God.
“In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.”  John 1.1
Thank you for the word.  Thank you for the silence and the word. Thank you for the contrasts.  Even now thank you for the rain after the glorious sunshine.
Thank you for the coffee and the oat meal. Thank you for the Red River Cereal I bought and ate a bowl of last week. Thank you for the brown sugar which I bought for the Red River Cereal but have now enjoyed with Quaker Oats.  Thank you for this keyboard and this couch and this table. There is so much I take for granted.
Thank you for all those I disparage and criticize especially the institutions and government. Thank you for the Prime Minister if not this satanic buffoon but for the position and the hierarchy. Thank you for leadership and beurocracy and ministries of health and communication and defence and finance even when I disagree with them.
Thank you for the courts and judges even though I feel increasingly they are becoming tyrannical and removed from the world of fairness and justice. Thank you for objectivity and the people who will put an end to the tyranny of ‘emotional abuse’ and ‘sexual harrassment’ and ‘racism’ and all the weaponized words and invasion of leftist communist aetheist ideology.  Today is the anniversary of the Un American Committee that reviewed Hollywood and black listed communists infiltrated into the arts community with the agenda of subterfuge and destruction.
I  enjoyed reading the article of Putin's time as a nihilistic KGB agent infiltrating the European 'hippy' scene, undermining peace and recruiting operatives. I remember meeting such an operative when I was in the Peace movement and wanting disarmament but suddenly this focussed fellow insisted we should unilaterally disarm and demanded it. It was so strange and I'd not trained as a group psychiatrist then so didn't know as I witnessed it, this hijacking of process.  The whole group had been promoting bilateral disarmament and then this fellow began to speak up vociferously, well trained, and insisting with much emotional and shame that good people would lay down their weapons first and that we could trust the aethesist communists.  They were just like us.  Everyone wanted peace, he said. I know today that's not the case that so many want war.  They profit from it, like Lenin and the UN. Many like to play with it and see if they can 'control' it and direct it's forces. I see it all like a cattle stampede and the young wealthy sons and daughters of the elite riding to the front and having stampeded the cattle now try to direct it to where it profits them most.
Today it’s Harvey Weinstein. There was no consequence to the woman who complained that Trump groped her 40 years ago. There is no consequence in the courts or in society today for ‘false accusations’.  There is no consequence for all those who through sins of omission and through 'enabling' supported the Harvey Weinstein's of the world.   The fake news, lying on the grandest scale is huge profit.  Fake news  has been caught repeatedly as the alt-left, CNN and CBC have worked their propaganda angles doing fifth columns from within. No one is punished for lying.  Goebbels reigns and it's all just 'white washed as marketing'.
Under French law, the false accuser must pay the penalty that would have been paid by the accused if the accuser was truthful.
I self reported that I was smoking marijuana and went to AA to address my smoking marijuana and nicotine and drinking. The drinking was a minor issue relative that when I drank I smoked marijuana and hence had to stop drinking because by definition this was alcoholism, as I persisted in doing a criminal act which held risk despite my realization of this. I saw a psychiatrist who recommmended I smoke marijuana and discussed my wine drinking with him as I was considered a wine connoseiur at the time. He felt that I didn’t have a problem but understood the ethical and moral dilemna that’s I had with ‘breaking the law’.  Marijuana was against the law and so many I knew had gone to jail and otherwise had their lives ruined by their contrary behaviour.  I could get get my ex wife to seek help as her behaviour was far far worse and that impaired she was a danger to herself and others but refused to seek help.
I don’t believe Justin Trudeau sought help with his addiction to marijuania and I don’t believe Morneau is seeking  help with his addiction. If anything I expect both are speaking to lawyers and marketing agents to improve their  lying and dissembling.  They lack remorse.  So the elite see lawyers and the poor see counsellors.  I doubt that Harvey Wallenstein or Bill Clinton will any time soon attend one of those mandatory sexual behaviour group counselling sessions the Justice Institute sells so vociferously for huge profit.
Now I’ve held myself to the highest standards of ethics and morality despite the constantly moving end point of political correctness.  I’ve never raped or sexually violated a woman.  I have fought for women’s rights and been ridiculed and shamed and beaten for supporting 'equality' and 'fairness' and  meritocracy. I've insisted gender, sexual orientation and other such factors should not decide who flies the plane.   I’ve been celebrated repeatedly for my “non discrimination”.  I've challenged based all the false flags and false values. I've have faced the wealthy and powerful on behalf of the principles and poor.  I have been physically attacked repeatedly for defending women and LGBT members and yet today the lies pile on and on. The cost to me personally has been in the tens of thousands of dollars.
Increasingly the “emotionally abused’ insist that they are ‘more’ harmed that those who have been shot and beaten and raped.  This is of course the age old demand for the girl who has it all to claim that she is a greater victim. It’s Sense and Sensibility.The courts have been taking smoking pot or are grotesquely power hungry like our present Government and are  increasingly removing them selves from the realm of objectivity to subjectivity.  Objectivity is all that the poor have had to balance the power of institutions, corporations and the elite, despite the latter's capacity for manipulations of 'evidence'.  The Judge becomes all powerful in the court of 'subjectivity'. This was what was once called the Kangaroo Court and was what always reigns in Communist revolutions.  The judge plays to the crowd and fears for his position so is politically correct.
The Assistant Registrar at the College of Physicians and Surgeons said “Women Don’t Lie About Sex”.  This is not out of context. This is reality. This kind of narcissism and arrogance and ignorance was confirmed at the Gomece trial where the Judge found the accused ‘not guilty’ and hundreds of women insisted that the judge was wrong and ‘women don’t lie about sex”.  Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. We had a decade when children who were used as weapons by parents in divorce cases were said “not to lie about sexual abuse.’  This is tribalism. It’s primitive sociopathic behaviour.
A sociopaths is a person who is of a group that has rules they obey within their group but not with outsiders who belong to the larger group. The Hells Angels theoretically wouldn’t steal from another Hell’s Angel but would steal from a Canadian citizen. Canadian Citizenship before the traitorous Un Canadian PM Trudeau took office superseded other social groups. Now however the courts of Canada are separated into some for us, Sharia Courts for Muslims and Indigenous Courts for Natives. Under Justin Trudeau there is no longer one law. Morneau and Trudeau are not held accountable to the same law as I am.
There is in CAnada like in the Middle East where the courts are uniformly corrupt, like the UN which is a den of theives, one law for the rich and one law for the poor.  The poor as we know in Canada now include the middle class. Because of social communism and the socialism of Globalism there is now an Elite, these are politicos and administrative class bean counters and paper pushers. They’re otherwise useless incompetents with lust and addiction to power.
Everyone lies. That’s why we have big brains.
Thank you God for my Big Brain.  Thank you God for my capacity to lie.  Yet thank you too for the Ten Commandments that demand in a society that I do not bare false witness. There are white lies and black lies, good secrets and bad secrets, good lies and bad lies. I have been sneaking pills into my dog in his food all week. If I didn’t disguise them he would not take them.
Thank you God for the Balance of Power.  Thank you for winter as it cleans and sterilizes the ravages of summer, the insect infestations and fires and dirt in the street.  Thank you for the pendulum that swings. Thank you for all those who see in Justin Trudeau the same megalomania that was in his father, Lenin, Napoleon,  Hitler and all those historical figures who demanded centralization of power.
Capitalism is decentralization of power
Socialism has been in effect centralization of power.
We have a mixed economy.
 Wall Street is just a huge casino. It  is rigged so the house always wins. " Steal a little and they put you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king."
For women, the most popular "50 Shakes of Grey" , more loathsome insidious overt pornography than ever Hugh Hefner stooped to, would be an episode of Criminal Minds were it not for the perpetrator being a billionaire.
I don’t trust Ottawa, Victoria or Washington or Moscow and especially I don’t trust Bei Jing. Brussels is distinctly evil.  Merkel played them all so well with her 'migrant armies' and 'scab labour' and overall threats.  She's East German. Her moves are so like the Cold War operatives.  There's that old guard world domination group left over from the Cold War and they're still so powerful with their secret cabals and wealth dating back to the Nazi wars and before.  A few families of elite playing with the world like a single family can control the politics of a country.  Corporate monarchies.
Thank you God for Faith. There is faith and anxiety.  Anxiety is a measure of one’s distance from God.  I have been too anxious with Gilbert's surgeries and the deaths of patients from Fentanyl.  There's a war on Canada by the Chinese who are marketing death for the west just as Canada was a conduit for terrorists against America.  Trudeau paid a terrorist 10 million dollars rewarding him for killing an american soldier and making bombs to kill Canadians.  All the gobbledygook legalism and disgusting disrespect for Canadian people still doesn't allow pot head pretty boy Trudeau to claim that 'two wrongs make a right'.  Even now as the Canadian dollar plummets further and the value of the country devolves to third world standard and our health care system caves, Canadians ask why is Mr. Trump playing hard ball with Justin Trudeau over trade.  You don't bite the hand that feeds, silly.  Stop the flow of heroin into the US through Vancouver and stop terrorists going into American and stop paying people for killing American soldiers.
I had hoped that Good Women would stop the Vagina Headed women and insist that these Subjective Nutbars join greater society. We have watched the Left with extreme violence attack the law and order of society and increasingly introduce new ‘justifications’ and ‘rationalizations’.  The whole ‘divide and conquer ‘and lack of willingness of the judges and the parliament to stop this raging insanity is diabolical. Always the marketing propaganda lies. Mr. Trump says he's going to stop 'illegal' immigration and the Left , the deceitful CBC and CNN say Trump is against Immigration.  Bill Clinton and Obama said 'stop illegal immigration' and no one said they were against 'immigration'.  They profited by saying one thing and doing another.  The democrat voters were dominated by illegal aliens.
According to the Charboneau Enquiry Quebec, the political home of the Liberals and Justin Trudeau, is ruled by Biker Gangs and Mafia.  Canada is no longer 'strong and free' but ruled by criminals whose incomes come from gambling proceeds, selling drugs, alcohol and pornography taxes. Why shouldn't young people kill themselves.  They're born into a rigged system and their value is only as consumers. Consumer fentanyl.  Nihilism.
Every person I know who has been physically (objectively) abused has been equally if not more ‘emotionally abused’.  You can have ‘emotional abuse’ without physical abuse but you can not have physical abuse without emotional abuse.  So where are the voices of women responding to this insanity.  Where are the voices of men. Where are those who say, sorry you don't get to claim 'equal suffering' and insist on 'safe zones' for 'bad words'.  Dr. Peterson in Canada must fight to live. When will the heads of universities that have allowed this debacle of education be challenged.  When will the university stop being a propaganda outlet for communism and sharia.
White privilege is a crock.  In India I had no 'white privilege' and in Africa they're killing whites .  The 'ruler' and his 'class' have superiority for a time. The Chinese are the most racist of all and each successful Chinese revolution has put their people in place. Now this lot is killing any indigenous people.  Jews were killed but now are ruling Palestine with an iron fist having see what they themselves did as revolutionaries. The ideas of Marx came from their ghetto existence, their years in Babylon.  But the Chinese are ethnic cleansing the Tibetans.  So here the uprising of blacks demands that whites give them what they earned.  George Soros profits from social war so supports Black Lives Matters. The Muslims massacred the Christian Kurds and the UN supported the genocides because the largest armies of the UN are muslim.  Money going to the UN goes to outfit the Muslim army of Bangladesh. Wahabi Sunni muslims kill other muslims.  The Saudi's killed the equivalent of the Shiite Pope in their country, out right murdered the man, no different than if Trudeau had ordered the Dalai Lama killed.  The steamroller narrative and marketing of fake media CBC and CNN hardly burped.
When is the pendulum going to swing. Do we need to return women to Burqas and declare the whole ‘women’s liberation’ and ‘meritocracy’ movement a dismal waste of time and failure.  Pierre Trudeau with his strong arm Mortgentaller aborted the catholic and Christian babies of Canada in the tens of thousands insisting that there was no room for children and unwilling to pay for mother hood. The women’s liberation movement was a movement supporting Women not Girls.  Mothers were included. Marriaed women were included. Feminism hijacked the Women’s Liberation and Suffragete movement and made it Social or Cultural Communism - women against men and girls against mothers with the abortionists killing more people than wars. Now Justin Trudeau who with his most un feminist wife just like his father with his addle brained drug addicted wife like Stalin with his crazy suicidal wife insists that we need to take refugees.
His SCAB VOTER campaign.
As much as I admire Sikh’s it’s clear our Defence Minister is a crazy ego inflated lwho insists he wins wars single handed is not representative of Sikhs in general.  His turban doesn't conceal his long hair but a swollen head.   What country in the world has a Defence Minister who wasn’t born in this Country?  Trudeau is selling citizenship and voting status en mass.  That’s what traiters do. This country is under siege and who cares.
Thank you God that I am old and slouching towards my dying end of life.
My father told me in his 90's  if he’d known that this was what Canada would become he’d never have fought in WWII. I’m utterly disillusioned .  I now know why he loathed the Trudeau family as evil as the Clintons, satanic and deceitful with arrogance galore.
Thank You God that I am nearing the dying end of life. . There are few years to remain.  I feel sadly for the next generation enslaved to the elite, Canada as increasingly an extension of the corruption of the  Middle East, Canadians collectively like Saudi citizens.  Trudeau would have us have a Sharia Bank already having introduced Sharia Courts. 1984 told it all. Some pigs are better.
I loved singing the Canadian anthem as a child, "True North Strong and Free" But they’re destroying the statues.  IF this was India and Trudeau was Prime Minister,  the Taj Mahal would have to be destroyed. ISIS destroyed the churches.  I learned recently when Ragga fell that there were videos of the ISIS fighters beheading Christian martyrs as Ragga was a Christian town.  The blood of Ragga Christian martyrs was then put in vials and ships en mass to Saudi Arabia. Muslims are told to Jihad and if you are too old to physically jihad then you are to send money to the jihad and that way be apart of the jihad. So this blood was payment to Saudi from Isis Jihadists to the money backers. And the video showed these old men, the brothers of Saudi elite Obaman bin Laden washing their hands in Christian blood. I am a Christian and Jews condemn me for defending my faith today. I have never criticized Jews for defending Israel against the hoards of muslims wanting to annihilate Jews in the middle east. Yet here in Canada I defend my fellow Christians and find no solidarity, no voices of support from the so called 'multi cultural' country, this land where we have tolerated the screaming raving atheists, the whining and self pitying of all the other religions of the world but when Christians are beheaded and their blood is sent to Saudi Arabia so bankers can wash their hands in it, well Justin Trudeau just gives my tax money to Muslims and celebrates terrorists.
The Civil War Statues are coming down in the States. If this was England then the Tower off London would be destroyed by Black lives matter.  Communists destroy history.  In Moscow they are rebuilding all the churches that Lenin destroyed if only for the tourist value. Aethesists would destroy the Louvre.
Wake up.  Wake up. Wake up.
Gratitude. Thank you Lord for those who will right these wrongs. Just as Pierre Trudeau was sent to the ashes and four prime ministers tried to clean up the mess he left with his communist ideology and arrogance so too will this pass. Just as they are building churches again in Moscow, the Muslim Jihad was stopped in Vienna, and Brexit is countering the Brussels beurocrat dictatorship revolution.    The despicable destruction by Justin Trudeau of all that is Canadian, the culture of Canada and values of Canada so well stated by Dr. Kellie Liethc,  and all respect for Law and Order, this criminal law breaker, will one day be gone as that greatest criminal Mao and Che and Castro went.  Please God let Trudeau go before Canada is reduced to a communist wasteland like Cuba and Venezuela and it's jails swell with independent thinkers , like the Gulag, Auschwitz and the jails of Mecca,  Tehran and Venezuela.  Canada is fast becoming a  country of lawless , a pirate’s den today.
Patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings.
I have no home. Jesus said that too.  My kingdom is not of this world.
I will go to work and serve my patients even today as Abortionists make more money and have more acclaim than those who heal.   Abortionists are rewarded more in Canada than  obstetrician.  The government now pays and celebrates more the doctors who do euthanasia than their colleagues. The College of Physicians and Surgeons has never published sanctions against any abortionists and hell will freeze over before we read of a doctor practicing euthanasia being sanctioned.
Where have you gone Dugald Christie?
Thank you God for all I have been given. Thank you God for your love and the promise of escape from this veil of tears. Thank you God for those good people who do the good fight and see clearly today. Thank you God that I am old and my days are numbered.  Thank you God for my teachers and friends and family and those who have passed on before me.

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