Saturday, October 21, 2017

Gratitude Saturday

Thank you Lord for the rain that cleanses. Thank you for the heat and propane. Thank you for the healing of my dog Gilbert and his friendship with the cat George. Thank you for my bed and for the lights and for coffee. Thank you for in door plumbing, toilets and showers. Thank you for modern science and technology. Thank you for sound and sight and smell and sensation. Thank you for my fingers. Thank you for my mind. Thank you for that sense of spiritual connection with the deep. Thank you for synchronicity. Thank you for mystics and fellow god seekers. Thank you for the WAY. Thank you for prayer. Thank you for the Word. Thank you for Love. Thank you for this electric fire that is so pretty and reassuring.  Thank you nature. Thank you for wind and the sun.
Thank you for this saturday. I would go to a meeting but I must stay with Gilbert as he’s so afraid blind and vulnerable suddenly.  I feel such sorrow at times. Thank you for the feelings of empathy. Thank you for connectedness. Thank you for family and friends. Thank you Lord for the Bible, the Holy Book, for the Torah and the New Testament, the Gospel, the Good News. Thank you for prayer and meditation.  Today I tried to meditate but both the dog and cat simultaneously began rubbing against me so I was distracted and fed them.
Thank you for writing. Thank you for this Blog. I wanted to challenge the myth that the sane were always sane. I wanted to overturn the ‘marketing’ and ‘lawyer’ lie of the ‘edited’ person. I wanted the Authenticity of Maslow. I wanted to share that the creative process was messy. I wanted write for the rich and the poor. I wasn’t seeking sales and a specific audience, like those judges who make a fortune off rulings of ‘like me’.  I wanted a ‘speaker’s corner’ experience. I wanted to show that despite genius, stupidity still reigned. I wanted to show that it was okay to just be and that today the media was lifting everything out of context and the lies were piled deeper and deeper.
In totalitarian countries there is ‘mind control’.  It’s alive and well in Canada.  Increasingly we are monitored for words and phrases. The expansion of state police is everywhere evidence. It’s disguised in pretty language like ‘banning hate speech’ or banning ‘islamaphobia’.  The people with power think the worst things and do the worst things.  They are no different except that they are often out of control.  The Saudi leadership is out of control. Old wealth tends to let the children play within boundaries. They say it’s okay to fuck the poor man's goat but draw the line with killing the goats so the man and his family starve. They are like anyone else but they usually have a lot more time and money. They crash the helicopter rather than the bicycle.
I’ve been able to walk and talk with people from all religions and countless countries and had patients who were infamous, famous, and multi millionaires. I’ve been to the parties on the street and the parties in mansions that boggled the mind.  I’ve known an amazing breadth and so often people have expressed the fear they are going insane.  I suppose I’m here to say insane is not so bad. Saniety is much over rated. The message of the 20th century is that the age of reason lead to the greatest killing machine of all time, atheist socialism/communism.  The most depraved empire of all time in the modern world was the Ottoman Empire and it’s on the rise again too. Mecca is the centre of sex slaver and slavery and violence and lies. Yet American blacks have ironically fallen for these sophisticated brown masters as have the Canadian feminists who have embraced the most depraved religion of female abuse of all time.
Meanwhile I have felt that it’s important to share thoughts that are contrary to the propaganda of mainstream CBC while the light of freedom in Canada remains.  I’ve also shared my Christian faith because everywhere the Jews and Muslims and Atheists and Pagans and even Sikhs and Buddhists and Hindus are in your face. I’m told I can’t wear a cross in Canada but Sikhs were turbans. I’m questioned for carrying a knife but Sikhs are all armed with knives. A Scottish bread knife gets a man in jail but it’s okay for Muslims to cover their faces to avoid cameras. As a Christian I’m persecuted. But I can’t say this.
I’m born white and now that’s racism.  The colour of my skin makes me a racist.
I’m a man and that makes me sexist.
I’ve had sex with men and women so I’m excluded from both groups as a pervert.
I’m divorced so I’m a failure.
Everything that I am or represent or have done has been publicly criticized by my government and by the media. When I smoked marijuana I was breaking the law and a danger to the state. I paid more than a hundred thousand dollars in penalties for smoking marijuana and now I don’t smoke marijuana and I’m condemned by the dope smokers who get all the grants as dope smokers. And the Prime Minister broke the law and the ex mayor and ex chief of police are lining up to get rich on smoking dope.
 I am disillusioned.
When I worked to save my patients lives I was called a workaholic and administrative doctors long known for their sloth and cowardice flung platitudes at the burning Rome while Trudeau played a tune.
I am grateful because CBT tells me that people who take offence at everything like our Huffington Post girls, (K.D. Laing wrote a great song Miss Chatelaine and needs to write a Huffington Post song today) , those who compete with comparison of hurt.
“I was gang raped and my bowels torn out of me and a stake stuck in my heart but a passing paramedic rescued me after six months in hospital I’ll live but I won’t run or have children and I hurt all the time when I walk."
“Well, you think that’s bad, a man looked at me. Yeah.  He looked at me. And I was emotionally abused."
“I was sexually harassed."

So all the funding that once went to help the woman left in a wheel chair goes to the rich privileged huffington post girls who have better lawyers and better marketing people and buy government beurocrats with pocket change, the bane of Nuremberg.

I’m grateful for the training in logic and fallacy and evidence based medicine and scientific method so that I can see the lies and hypocrisy that rules the courts and politics these days.
I’m grateful that history tells me that that even the Hitlers and Lenins and Castros of the world come to an end.

I’m thankful for my life and being older and the education and wisdom of my teachers and elders.
I’m thankful for the travel and the closeness I’ve had to my Aboriginal friends, my Muslim friends, my Christian friends, my atheist friends, especially my Hindu and Sikh and Buddhist friends.  I purposely don’t associated with Nazi’s or Communists and don’t hang out with drunks or drug addicts in my home. I don’t like being around the impaired. I’ve done my time in youth with unpredictable and violent people. I’ve known too many psychotics in my work and personal life. I’ve been raped and attacked and I know it’s not right for the narrative. I’m a white man and a doctor and the main stream media says that I’m the enemy.  I’ve been told by a nurse even that all doctors should die. I’ve been told by coloured people that white people should just kill themselves. I’ve been called ‘rich’ by the likes of Justin Trudeau whose wealth and privilege are beyond anything I’ve ever known.
I have been blessed. I’ve been poor and wealthy. I’ve been free and locked up. I loved sailing alone at sea as far as humanly possible from the maddening crowd.
I like being in the wilderness with my dog. I like that I can say I’ve been in a plane crash and punched a bear in the nose. These are funny tales that made for much laughter at my friends wedding in India. I love that I was able to  share what it was like living in an igloo with my Chamoran friends. I once loved the word ‘multi cultural’ before Justin Trudeau made that mean’ uncultured’ and I loved the word ‘diversity’ before Justin Trudeau and Obama and Hillary and Merkel turned that word into a weapon of slavery.
I still like bikinis and don’t want burqas and hate that men are collectively abused in Canada for liking nude women. I hate that boys are systematically being drugged all over Canada en mass to satisfy the Canadian woman’s idea of men as defective women. I often think, I can’t beat them, so I’ll join them and get castrated and take hormones and have breast.  Anything to be anonymous and get away from the constant female hate in Canada that masquerades as anything but.
I’m grateful for the options. I’m thankful for the buddhist sense of suicide as release. I’m thankful for the muslim sense of murder as jihad. I’m thankful that I know the atheist ‘it’s all relative’ and Crawleys’ “man is god.”  I’m thankful I know these things.  i”m thankful that I have seen the 180 degree lies of text books and leaders and media. I’m sorry that it took me so long.

I’ve shared this journey. My life is just a kazoo in the symphony. All day I hear more exciting lives, more sordid lives, more abuse, more joy.  I was by years of work blessed to be able to be with people and learn their true stories. I was blessed to be trained as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and an eclectic psychotherapist all before psychotherapy was outlawed by the government licensing bodies in Canada. They won’t say that. But only counselling is allowed today. Psychopharmacology and counselling but Freud, Kernberg, Kohut, and Jung and Lang are all topped by like the southern statue of General Lee. 90% of graduated psychiatrists were women.  Women psychiatrists and other women doctors have openly said men should not be allowed to enter psychiatry or obstetrics.  Sharia medicine is the law of BC.
I am thankful I was here before the fall of Canada. I am thankful I could see the wonders of hypnotherapy and the amazing ‘cure’s’ of people who literally got up and walked after years of disability. But now euthanasia and disability and marijuana are the medicine.
Thank you Lord for this life.  Thank you for another day. Thank you for the learning and the books. Thank you for the experience. Thank you for family and friends. Thank you.