Monday, October 9, 2017

Nakusp, Arrow Lakes, and Environs

Laura, Gilbert the Blind Dog, and I stayed Thanksgiving weekend at Bear Ridge Cabins.  In the morning Laura and Gilbert lived the life of elegance and leisure.  She read. He napped.  They walked.  Meanwhile I drove the 2017 Ford F350 truck with the Honda Pioneer 500 ATV on the back out into the wilderness around Nakusp.  The first night I hiked a trail off Hot Springs Road.  The next morning I took the Pioneer 500 ATV along the river beyond the Hot Springs right up into the snow.  There was a light sprinkle at first then the sun came out.  I loved the day. All I shot was one grouse. I never saw any deer, or moose or bear. Some moosey spots for sure but no animals.  Without Gilbert I missed another couple of grouse. He flushes them when they run and hide.  I missed the little guy just for his companionship but knew he was best adapting to blindness with Laura rather than on the rocking reeling ATV. I did my share of hairy driving.  Normally the poor little guy has to hold on for dear life, sitting upright and staring straight forward looking for grouse.  I did take him out at night in the truck when I did the night hunt. I missed a couple of grouse because the truck alarmed when I got out.  That was too much for the grouse. Lights flashing and horn honking. I didn’t get the chance to shoulder my 20 gauge. Gilbert enjoyed the excitement.  We drove home in the dark. In the morning I was out on River Road unloading the Pioneer 500.  It was a beautiful day.  I drove Halcyon Ridge Road right up into the snow.  I hiked some but mostly rode. Despite getting into the Nakusp Hotsprings the day before I was aching all over from the hard hiking and hard ATV driving.  6 grouse sited but all got away because I didn’t have my bird dog along.  I did enjoy taking pictures. The views high up were amazing.  Arrow Lakes are so lovely.  Mount Burnham and Mount Odin and Mount Thor were splendid in the early morning sun.  I loved being up high. I saw a snowshoe hare coming down the trail towards me before it turned and hopped into the bushes. I came across a red fox too and actually chased it for a minute down the logging road.  I was going at 45 km hour with the fox finally leaving the road ahead of my crazy wild dash.  No deer.  Just a lovely day.  Back at Bear Ridge Cabins I barbecued the steaks which we knew Gilbert would want before traditional turkey. It was his weekend.  He loved the treats.  Now we’re planning to get home earlier to be sure to be in town for his eye surgery.  Even though we had 2 less days than planned it’s been a terrific TG vacation and a special time with Gilbert learning to adapt to blindness.

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