Tuesday, November 29, 2016

World Politics, Facebook and Media

I am hooked on politics these days. It's an addiction that I hadn't really noted until I realized it was the Grey Cup and I'd missed it. I haven't watched a single football game since the Trump Hillary sports extravaganza began.  I didn't miss hockey. As a Canadian, missing hockey would be seriously uncultured.

I sometimes think that the ancient Greeks and Italians nvented their Gods to comment on politics.  For most of the history of humans, Politicians have arranged for anyone who criticizes them to be killed or locked up.  It's only in Democratic Countries which have 'free speech' and 'liberty' that the State doesn't control the media.  In most countries of the United Nations  'journalism' is 'propaganda' like we have seen in the CBC.

Canadians call the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News , the  Communist Broadcasting Corporation just like Americans and even the BBC call  CNN, the 'Clinton Network News'.  The Winnipeg Free Press, once a non partisan source of facts and news is long dead. In it's place the journalists of the world have opted for Pravda.

The fact is,all of this is way above my pay scale.

 Justin Trudeau is a millionaire.  Hillary Clinton is a multi millionaire. Donald Trump is a billionaire.

The very thought that any one of these actually caring for me personally is grandiose.  They are politicking about what's best for themselves and their friends but trying to convince everyone they care for the little guy.

The oldest law of the world is the Chinese Law of the Fish. There are Big Fish and There are Little Fish. Little Fish must be fast and numerous.
I'm slowing down. I'm getting older. I'm not numerous. I'm just a fairly anxious little Canadian watching the government tax my income year after year until with all my best work years gone,  I'm wondering now about the security of old age realizing that all the promises about working hard and being taken care of in old age are probably no more likely to come true than all the other promises of politicians.  There is however horrendous government waste and mismanagement.

But the government employed love their high incomes, low work load and great benefit packages.  I don't blame them. But they don't realize that without Don Quioxtes like me and the Deplorables, they couldn't exist in their smug arrogance and luxury life styles.  Oh to be a fatuous fat cat yuppie again!

The Serenity Prayer goes - God Grant Me the Serenity to ACCEPT  the Things I CANNOT Change, the COURAGE to CHANGE the Things I CAN and the WISDOM to know the difference.

There is determinism or fate and there is free will. I don't really feel powerful like the Activists and Television Personalities.   I don't even know if these new Gods and Goddesses of Celluloid are real.  We 'assume' so much reality.

Each day I awake and truly have this 24 hours of likelihood.

What I 'cannot change' seems more considerable.  I have hope and plans and goals and it all seems to go slowly forward most days, maybe 'slouching towards Bethlehem' or 40 days in the Desert or 2 steps forward and one step back.   To paraphrase  St. Paul it's mostly,  'what I don't want I do and what I do want I don't do' .

It really is quite possible that EVERYTHING is beyond my capacity to CHANGE it.  Free will may well be an illusion. This THING may be a COMIC STRIP.

Listening to Justin Trudeau I feel like I am in a nightmare of karmic proportions. I'm old enough to remember his father.  I'm  watching him mouth his father's mistakes. I'm seeing myself when I was naive and young thinking Pierre,  with his red carnation as 'hip, slick, and cool'.  I was so 'smart' back then and actually thought everyone over 30 was likely an idiot.

I fear  My punishment  is to see Pierre's son doing the same communist totalitarian wasteful spending and swaggering that so offended my parents. Now I'm older I'm seeing the son do the same shit. What's changed is my perception.  I'm being 'tortured' seeing the errors of my past.  I'm having to confront the folly and arrogance of my youth.  Everything that Pierre Trudeau introduced to Canada seems obscene to me today.  And here I am old watching his son in this Twilight Zone/Black MIRROR fixed loop nightmare.  I don't seem to have any control of it.

Meanwhile the Trump and Hillary fight it out like the Greek and Roman Gods of yesteryear.   I see Trump triumph and feel after a year of the Political Verbal GAME there will finally be PEACE in the VALLEY no it's not over till January when Trump will be inaugurated. It's overtime.  And the show gets crazier by the moment.

But all I have to change is MY PERCEPTION. It's clearly not  a TRAGEDY. IT's a COMEDY. At Least a TRAGI COMEDY.  Trudeau is a joke. The HILLARY OBAMA SIT COM is coupled with the Trump Family Show.

I can't change it. It doesn't really affect me today anyway.  I could be hit by a bus tomorrow before the next episode..

Facebook is propaganda.  Zuckerberg has admitted he's skewed the reporting left.  All the mainstream mead 'cheated' with Hillary. People who are losers 'cheat'.  These are losers, but who cares, its just ENTERTAINMENT and distraction.  It's Carne and Magic and Politics.  It's money and power.

Donald Trump is President Elect.  Trudeau is Prime Minister. Neither of them is here in the Downtown Eastside Vancouver where I'm seeing patients.  None of them are here helping me convince my patients  to stop leaving this present reality for unreality.   Every patient I see has missed a  possible death of heroin.

I don't blame my patients their wanting to escape this reality.  Any escape from TV /Facebook/Media Reality may well be worth it.  I expect that Media is the cause of much of the rise in drug addiction in the world. That and the Climate Change fear mongerers.  Everyone is pushing fear and fear's consumer antidotes.

World Politics is a new form of Sports. It's just another media event.  Climate Change is just the weather girl on steroids shouting for attention.   The corrupt  UN wants more money for their segment of the NEWS.Merkel wants money. Trudeau wants money for his jet setting life style.  It's all taxation, high costs, graft and promises.  But it's not real.

Real is what I think it is.  Real is my feet and hands. Real is this day.   Real is my family and freinds. Real is this computer and my dog at my feet.  Real is the  really good soup I had today at the Heatley.

I will say the Serenity Prayer and hope to have the wisdom to focus on what I can change. I am the VOICE OVER on this COMIC STRIP.  

I can change the VOICE OVER.  I believe that the WORLD IS UNFOLDING AS IT SHOULD.  I believe in a loving God who wants the best for me.

Everything else is way above my pay grade.

God is real and God is love. Thank you Jesus!                                                                                      

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