Thursday, November 3, 2016

Gratitude List

I am grateful for my stocked refrigerator. I have bread and peanut butter, ice cream, cream, butter, venison steaks, veggies, apples and yoghurt and cheese.  I’m really grateful for this.
I’m grateful for the warmth and dryness in my home.  I’m grateful for the sound of rain on the roof.
I’m grateful for my clothing.
I’m grateful for my dog. I love gilbert. He’s a source of joy daily.
I’m especially grateful for my couch.
I’m grateful for my sailboat.
I’m grateful for my family.
I’m grateful for my friends.

I’m grateful for the sun.  i’m grateful for the ocean. I’m grateful for the forest.  I’m grateful for my glasses. I’m grateful for my computer. I’mg grateful for churches. I’m grateful for the Bible. I’m grateful for the Big Book. I’m grateful for Merck and Epocrates. I’m grateful for the anatomy atlas. I’m grateful for my stethoscope. I’m grateful for my truck and car and motorcycle.  I’m grateful for my indoor plumbing and indoor running water and electricity and back up generator and propane heating and stove and back up refrigerator.
I’m grateful for my computer and NCIS and Star Trek TV , netflix and I tunes.  . I’m grateful for my Ipad and books I read from Amazon.  I’m grateful for fresh air.
I’m grateful that most of my teeth are well. I’m grateful that most of my joints are well. I’m grateful that most of my body is well. I’m grateful that most of my mind is well. I’m grateful that most of my heart is well.

I’m grateful for sound and hearing.
I’m grateful for sight and smell. I’m thankful that I have smell left and my taste is unaffected and I can taste most things still.
I’m grateful for my bow and rifles and my having shot a deer this year and the rabbits and grouse and the freezer stocked with healthy food.
I’m grateful for the curry stew I made.

I’m grateful for the market bread and Starbucks coffee.

I’m grateful that my negative moods are usually surmountable with all the tools and training I’ve had in facing negatives and overcoming the natural tendencies to scream hysterically and throw myself on the ground and start biting my own limbs.

I’m thankful for meditation and prayer.

I’m thankful for learning.

I’m thankful for underwear that fits smoothly and doesn’t bunch up.  I’m thankful for dress pants with expandable waistes.

I’m thankful for trains and planes. I’m thankful for plants and fish and animals and insects. I’m thankful for God and Jesus and Saints. I’m thankful for hospitals and doctors, and nurses and medicines and Iv’s and ox and ctscns and X-ray and labs and police and the military and stealth jet fighters and spaceships.  I’d like a personal spaceship with hyperdrive and a ticket to ride and force shields and a license to kill and superior fire power and inside trader information and a trust fund and a pretty face and the ability to lie and not feel badly and the ability to steal from innocent people and sell drugs and do abortions and murder and everything and not have conscience and the ability to be in government and abdicate from personal responsibility for the despair and destruction caused by the government.

I’d like Buffy St. Marie to get off her old rich ass and write a song
Universal Beaurocrat or Universal Banker or Universal Billionaire or Universal Politician or Universal United Nations Dictator or Universal Arms Dealer or Universal Citizen

Rather than blaming the Universal Soldier

I’d like the 60’s singers and musicians to apologize for their lyrics of youth and naivety.  That would be the PC thing to do and I think all actors and producers should give have their income to the third world because there are no more ‘privileged people’ in the world than those in Hollywood.

I’m thankful that I have the ability to see my own self pity, fear and resentment and hopefully pray for a better attitude and see that god’s grace is all.  I’m so thankful for life even today with the dark clouds and dreary month of wet and chill
Thank you for all my teachers and thank you for all the opportunities.
 IMG 2638IMG 2624

thank you for my brother, Lord.

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