Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Political Phobias and Politician Denial

DSMV is the diagnostic and statistical manual of the American Psychiatric Association.

There is no psychiatric condition called "Islamaphobia".  There is also no psychiatric condition or disorder of Climate Change Denial.

Yet in both cases the politically motivated are using 'pseudoscience' terms to create validity by association for their spurious idealogies.

Phobias that are acknowledged by the DSMV include social phobia, agaraphobia, phobia of flying, seeing blood, receiving an injection, animals, heights as examples.

It is critical to understand that while just about any 'thing' or even 'person'  can be a source of 'phobia' such as Trumpphobia or Jesusphobia or Clintonphobia or Buddhaphobia these have not been clinically investigated as such because the diagnosis contains a specific 'exclusion' criteria.

It says that the disturbance is not better explained by the symptons of another mental disorder. Mania especially Megalomania are however recognised by DSMV. Indeed this condition with associated grandiose delusions and extreme entitlement and various other accompanying behaviours has been recognised since the 19th century.  Kraepelin described the diagnosis.

Consequently those who cry "Islamaphobia' are more likely suffering Megalomania because they are by these psychiatric diagnosis of others who disagree with them presuming arrogantly and smugly that the world as a whole made  them God Psychiatrist.

As a humble psychiatrist, I would simply point out that there is no Islamaphobia.  If there were Christanophobia would be the more frightening condition since Christians are the most persecuted group in the history of the world.

Climate Change Denier is a ludicrous expression.  It's hate speech inherrent. Because everyone knows the weather 'changes'.  What it is meat to represent is 'global warming' predominantly by human endeavour.  Again those who cite it are far more likely to be suffering megalomania becaue they put their enemies as more powerful than the Sun.  The Sun is the principle heat source.

If the government and others continue to use psychiatric terminology would they kindly seek psychiatric help themselves. I'm not sure we have sufficient asylums to accommodate them but really they should consider what nonsense they speak and at least study science before speaking about something they are obviously wholly ignorant of.

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