Friday, November 4, 2016

The Multiverse and Christ

The study of physics celebrates the grandeur and infinity of God.  All possibilities exist in God.  Man has limited His miracles and capabilities always reducing His possibilities to the limits of his imagination.  The truth is much more.  God is all and everything and everyone.  We exist in and of God, our creator.  We are made in the image of God;in God’s imagination we exist. Life is a dream in God’s Dream and we are co dreamers in His infinite expanse of fluctuating energy, slow and fast, mass, matter, energy.  Oscillating, interacting, interfacing. We encounter God with every thought we have of God.
The linear progression of time is illusory for reality expands from the centre, goes off in every direction from each moment with countless opportunities.  Choice abounds.  There is one consciousness attuned to God.  A forward motion of the individual psyche.  A thought that rides a wave of infinite waves and infinite thoughts.  Each action begets unnumbered possibilities. Each thought and each action and each feeling expands like ripples.  A pebble dropped in an ocean creates circles upon circles  of motion.  Out from the centre the brain prunes the past possibilities as every path reduces the dwindling number of choices. The wee small voice becomes quieter as another voice expands in volume and waves intersect with waves.  There is  still has a literal  cacophony of sound in the wee small voice, in the ultimate praise to God, the soundless silience, the paradox of paradoxes, God of God.
Everyone everywhere is reincarnating. God is always birth and death and renewal.  The telescope shows expanding universe and the microscope begets electron microscope.  The aha of child looking into the pond and the wonder of the shepherd looking at the stars of the night sky. Stories upon stories.  Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Out of the stuff of miracles are countless futures made.  Miracles are the norm and the norm is sacred.  The dance is everywhere  and everything.  The music is there always to be heard.  The Love is ever near.
St. Theresa of Avila in Inner Castle points to distractions.  The light calls. There is always the light and we walk towards the light.  There are many castles.  There are many doorways. Distractions.  Proceed to the light.
As Plato said, there are projection of life on the shadows on the wall but the projector is God.
Parallel universes and every possibility expand out from a centre of now. Practicing the presence of God as Brother Lawrence said,  God is only in the now. Time as we know it, is an illusion.  History as we know is manufacture.  Saving the appearance. The Holy Bible is the holy in deepening awareness with every encounter.  Each day begins fresh.  It is we who cling to the residues of yesterday. It is our fear and resentment that limit the divine possibilities of tomorrow.  God's is a god of infinite gifts.  We have but to pray and believe. If we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains.  Jesus says, “ye of little faith’. He is speaking directly to me.
The collective reality of today is the ‘norm’ , the ‘least possible’, the ‘lowest denomination’ , the materialist jungle.  Only gravity pulls down our imagination. We fear to let go of the past. We cling to our memories and deny Revival.
We fear.  Jesus commands, "Do not be afraid."  Still we fear.  We fear death.  We fear change. We fear  and Satan is fear. The opposite of evil is life.   The collective fear is gravity, so grave.  We are pulled down from soaring like eagles by the gravity of fear.  Death does not conquer. Jesus rose again.  Jesus called, "Follow me" And we shall rise again.
Shout Halleljujah.  Sing psalms of deliverance.  Give thanks unto the lord. Soar as on Eagles wings.  He lives. He is Risen. And so are we. The Good News. The Gospel.

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