Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tricky Dicky Nixon not so Tricky Today

With all the DNA reviews of prisoners in jails for crimes they haven't done being released on new evidence.
And with the re writing of history with new inclusion criteria and new ideas about the winners writing history so history should be more inclusive.
With this 2016 American election I think it's time to have Richard Nixon's legacy reviewed. By present day electoral standards the man is a veritable saint.
Today it turns out that there have been a couple of million dead democrats voting in the elections. Countless naer do wells are bused from poll to poll sometimes voting countless times and we don't know if this is being done by Republicans or Democrats or whether the buses just go pub to voting station to pub with a mix of Republican/Democrat outcomes.  Apparently anyone can vote in the US or rather anyone does vote in the US. Voting machines have been found in several states that are tampered with and now Fraction Magic is  a mathematical voting algorithm that allows manipulation of the votes once they go from individual site to central site.  Wow!!!
Richard Nixon is simply not the scoundrel he was once portrayed as judged by today's standards.
Richard Nixon for American Sainthood.
Or where are you now Woodrow?
Has American journalism fallen so far or has the presidential candidate stooped so low?
Or were we all just that much more naive and idealistic years ago?
Or Deep Throat played Woodrow and today Madonna offers blow jobs if you vote Democrat.
All I can say is at least American Politics as strange as they may seem aren't nearly as sordid and shallow as Canadian politics today.  People in Glass Houses shouldn't throw stones.
Nixon doesn't look so bad by comparison.


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