Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What If I Am Wrong?

The difference between 'fanatics' , 'psychopaths' , 'sociopaths' , "activists',  "idealogues' and the "happy cabbage followers", is they don't 'question' the 'propaganda' and I do.
I remember questioning authority as a child. It probably began when a teacher bared my bum in front of the class room and spanked my bare bottom.  My mother didn't think that was right.  She didn't object when I was 'strapped' at school or even 'caned'. I was fortunate to go to Viscount Alexander School and Vincent Massey High School where 'spare the rod and spoil the child' was the prevailing wisdom of my day.
So much of what I know today was 'wrong' when I was young yet much of what was 'right' when I was young seems even more right today.

So today I keep asking myself 'what if I am wrong':
1) about Justin Trudeau's leadership of Canada.
2)  the deeply corrupt nature of the United Nations
3) The United Nations dangerous Agenda 21
4) Abortion as an anti woman and anti family agenda
5) The increasing elitism and the reduction of the middle class with the division of society into a 2 tier society of rich and poor.
6) Climate Change - that man's contribution is over rated and the projections are fraudulent  and the the "fear mongering' is principally a 'tax grab ' and 'redistribution of wealth' scheme
7) The 'one world order' is dangerous and dominated by aetheist/pagan communist/fascist elementgs of totalitarian elitism.
8) That God and Love are better than Aetheism and fear.
9) That the more people drunk and stoned as is the occasion with the greater availability of the drugs and alcohol the worse it is for society
10) That history has shown that aetheists as represented by communists are a great killing mob
11) That Islam has since time beginning been an imperialists expansionist religion with no separation of religion and state and long history of persecution of Christians and other minorities.
12)  The disinformation today, the lies of the main stream media, and the destruction of journalism, the manipulation of the media  would make Nazi Goebbels smile and Marshal McLuhan weep.

What if Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are really there not at all interested in consolodating their power for an indefinite reign, an undemocratic, emperor like nation with "forever liberal', 'one party dictatorship' like other communist countries have been.  What if Justin Trudeau is at heart only interested in Canadians and is self sacrificing and like Gandhi wouldn't think of living in a palatial castle.  What if he and his wife are really poor people trapped in their trust fund existence and really feel for other Canadians who can't pay the rent or struggle with the bills each week.  Maybe he really does care and his arrogance and insincerity with episodes of mood swings and anger binges with facile apologies are just youthful exuberance.  Given that nearly 40 % of Canada are conservatives and another 20% are NDP it's not at all he Liberal plan to 'dictate' their leftist agenda to the people but really understand that a political party should represent Canadians and not be smug and superior insisting that their ideas are what Canadians want.  His undoing all of the work of the last 10 years of a majority Canadian vote for 2 term conservative leadership really isn't an indication that he is a rabid idealogue who will have 'no other gods but me'.  I really am looking at things wrongly when I see him swearing violently in the most esteemed office, selling his naked body, and playing to the masses with sex and stupidity.  I'm wrong. Maybe I'm wrong .
I feel like I feel people who lived in Germany in 1939 must have felt. I feel like I think people who lived in Russia when Lenin took power must have felt.  Maybe Justin Trudeau isn't like those demigods and that the Liberals aren't like the Communists or the Fascists in their arrogant belief that the rest of Canadians are stupid.  Maybe I'm wrong.  I really should just cool it.  I'm just not seeing the holiness of Justin and Sophie and understanding that our government leaders really do care only for the people and aren't self serving.  Maybe I'm wrong.

 I can't believe that the United Nations isn't a corrupt despotic organizations that is notorious for its deceit and diabolical abuse of power. It's principally run by the military industrical complexes of the leading nations. It's main function is to stop change and maintain the status quo.  The world is a perpetual war machine.  Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the leaders of the United Nations, all those tyrants and dicators and mob bosses are full of brotherly love. Maybe I'm wrong about them and shouldn't fear them even though they put out a document Agenda 21 which essentially promotes rounding people up in camps and killing off half the population or more.  These beurocrats are loving sweet and idealogically profoundly caring folk who want the best for the poor and aren't just interested in keep their power and owning their slaves and killing the poor in their countries.  Maybe I'm wrong.  The UN really is a group of people who could be trusted with babies and barnyard animals and I've been just too unkind in judging them falsely. Maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe Agenda 21 is a lark and no one should worry because Das Kapita was written and distributed but no one paid attention to it till after WWII and here is Agenda 21 the very same kind of war causing document put out by the UN and worshiped by the Liberals and the Democrats. Yet US state after US state is bringing in laws to counter the devious guerilla warfare promoted in the Agenda 21.  Maybe I shouldn't be afraid of these people who would 'divided and conquer' and 'destroy from within'.  Maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe abortion was always a good thing and aborting and killing babies was the right way.  When the alternative was to pay women to have children we see that approach was rejected for the 'day care' model with women being sent to the workplace and their children indoctrinated at earlier ages despite all the research that shows mother child relationships are the best and it's not good for women to be treated like men in a herd mentality. Maybe I'm wrong and abortion and euthanasia are loving and that's what we should all want though the elite seem not to be aborting as much as they want the poor to do and the elite seem to be doing everything in their power to extend their lives. I shouldn't worry about these things. I should drink the Kool Aid and be positive. Sing Koom Ba Ya!  "Peace in our TIme",  Chamberlain.  I really have to stop talking about these things or reading these things. Watch reality tv.  Get into the Hunger Games.  Find out what the Kardasians are fucking this week.  Love 50 shades of Grey.  I'm just too rigid and really need to get with the agenda.  Killing babies is where it's at and then we can use the stem cells to extend the life of the old. And since only the rich can afford to have children get around the insaniety by telling women that abortion is the 'choice' movement. Women don't have choice. They can't afford to raise a child not like in the bad old days. The feminists tell them the 50's was horrible for women because they lived in houses the family owned and they had children they raised and they went on long vacations had cars and watched a whole lot of tv . But today women can be be comrades and work in factories and make next to no money despite a huge debt for a liberal arts degree which taught them they were oppressed but they didn't take the opportunity to go into engineering even though some women did, like the 50% of the medical and law classes and those women are doing okay.  They never talked about being 'oppressed' neither did the Queen or Lady Di but feminisms is there to help them overcome their oppression and blame everything wrong in the world on men. Not on the rich and elite men and women, not on Hitler and his diabolical girlfriend Eva Braun. All of the women leaders in the 20th century took their country to war and the 'establishment of men and women' , the 'genderless elite' continued to 'divide and conquer' by using the stupidity of the masses to attack their neighbour but not the leadeership.  Maybe I'm wrong about the fixed bank and government subsidy programs and cronyism and thinking that things are more and more like Europe where the class system reigns or like Los Vegas where the house always wins.  Maybe I'm just wrong. All the bankers and all the leaders want life and they really don't want abortion for the  poor while the king to be and his queen to be keep popping out their children because they can afford to have job. Isn't Kate such a lovely mother. Just like Sophie but Sophie is a feminist and feminism has always been good for the elite. I'm just wrong.

All of the data suggest the destruction of the middle class and the increasingly wealth and power of a very small minority of the world. This elite is wealthier than historic kings and their lands. These megabillionaires like Buffet and Soros and the Chinese Communist elite and all of the representatives of the G7.  They're probably all spending their time trying to find ways to improve my life. They're thinking, not about themselves and amassing power and wealth but rather how to make my life better. They're worried that when I get older that I won't have a pension or safety or health care. They really care about me and all those meetings of the G7 and G20 are about helping old white guys in Canada and old white gals in Canada have a place which isn't cockroach infested and food and clothing and safety in their old age after 40 or 50 years of working and serving the rich payhing ludictrous amounts of tax to those who don't appear to pay tax but rather are robber barons with their offshore accounts and their personal supreme court judges and lawyers making little deals to keep the rich and elite out of jail even when it's likely that they're little different than the Saudi Kings and Princes with their 9 year old sex objects and beheading of anyone who disagrees with them. Only they're more discrete and subtler.  Maybe I'm wrong about them.  Maybe they're all just teddy bears.  Queen Elizabeth is such a sweet lady. She and her family really are just spending all day long worrying about my concern over the taxes I pay. I heard her heating bill is a concern .  I loved that she was the backbone in the fight against the Nazis but is she a Nazi or Communist today The European Economic Union seems a very strange and bizarre place with the truly strange Merkel leadership.  Weird isn't as bad. I think elites like the Queen and the Clintons and the Trudeaus don't care about me but maybe they really do.  Maybe they cry because I'm unhappy because all day like I see marginalized disenfranchised people who are hopeless and are maintained on the edge of life but there seems little hope of really helping anyone. It's like everyone just wants the status quo to go on and the boot lickers to rise.  Maybe I'm wrong about this.  Waht if I'm wrong. How foolish I'd feel to find out that Justin Trudeau and the Chinese Government really do care about me and my old age.

Maybe I'm just wrong and we really do need a 'One World Government' and the leadership needs to be an aetheist like Stalin or a neo pagan like Hitler. All the one world government types, like little Napoleon Trudeau are right and my libertarian ideas are just wrong. Maybe Gandhi was wrong. Maybe Churchill was wrong. Maybe Washington was wrong. Maybe all the people I admire were wrong too. Obvious Bernie Sanders and Marx and Lenin are right and obviously as a woman Hillary Clinton should be put in power because we need a vagina for a leader.  It's only sexist to say we need a penis for a leader. It's only racist if we say a white man should get the job of flying a jet fighter over the tranny drawf hairdresser of mixed colour but certainly an illegal immigrant. I found it very strange that so many of the border agents in North America are from other countries than those whose border they now protect. Maybe I'm wrong about all this.  Maybe everything is okay and it's okay to do heroin and crack and it's okay even to kill. All thse ideas I've have about morality and ethics are wrong and I should just go with the flow.  Lighten up.  Maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe everyone should join Obama in snorting coke and join Trudeau in smoking a joint. I shouldn't be abstinent from drugs or want people to be abstinent from drugs. Obviously it's okay. Everyone would best smoke dope and drink wine but the Muslims don't recommend that and they're rather militaristic.  So being awake is something that we want the Trojan Horse to do. And who is our enemy. Not religious people but political people wearing religion as a disguise.  All the greatest tyrants of all time have used religion to justify their brutality but today the cowardice of religions is amazing. The last iman to question the Saudi King was beheaded.  The Christians who questioned the leadership were excommunicated by the Pope. The Anglican Church split and the Mormons ran off to Utah. We really need a space ship for people like me to get off this planet before the purges begin and everyone must think and talk like whoever the communist or neo pagan or aethest one world government says it's the right uniform and dress. Maybe tats and spike hair. I don't know but maybe I'm wrong to worry about everyone getting stoned and increasingly people seeming out of it.

Islam has been attacking Christians for centuries and now are lying about who started the Crusades, a defensive response to their invasion and now are telling everyone that Christians are the aggressor when they're being persecuted and Christians who are persecuted are being excluded from refugee status in Canada in favour of Muslims.  What's that about. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Christians should be killed en mass and muslim and Christian women raped en mass by ISIS&;  Maybe I'm just wrong.

Maybe the Media is telling the truth and Islam is a country of peace. And the planet is boiling to our collective death like Al Gore said and the ice caps aren't gone and the fish are not all dead like Silent Spring said and Suzuki is rich and powerful and has houses and millions and is forever hypocritically telling everyone else how to live without waste of energy. Just like Trudeau who runs his vehicles all the times and flies wastefully all over the world to hang with Dicapprio who uses the greatest gas guzzler engines of all time. Maybe I should just believe the media and know that Justin and Sophie really are lovely people who love us just like the Kardasians are virgins and we should all have sex change operation or maybe species change operations and no one should question the leadership. We should all just hug and say loving things and maybe I'm wrong. Jesus wasn't beheaded by the State and all that 'civil liberty' crap and the anti war movements were wrong because the Liberal and the Conservatives and the Democrats and the Republicans and the Buddhists and the Catholics and the Muslims and the Communists and Aetheists are all making money off war and babies are being killed by everyone. Maybe I'm wrong to question this and maybe I'm wrong to have a dismal outlook on politics today.

Maybe I'm wrong to wonder about a Satanic Ritual being performed in the European Economic Union's centre while Europeans all over ignore the gang rapes of teen age girls by muslim gangs.  Maybe I'm just not seeing things properly. Maybe I'm just all wrong.

Everything is wonderful.  The Canadian dollar is a peso and our debt is rising all the while our leadership is spending millions on mansions and trips. I'm wrong to be cynical and negative.

Maybe I'm a 'hater' like I'm called. All my years of caring and serving and working are really nothing. I'm just wrong.

Maybe I'm wrong.

What if I'm wrong?  I wonder that.

But I don't believe Justin Trudeau, Obama, Hillary or Merkel ask themselves that. That's what really scares me.  But God is Love and anxiety is a measure of one's distance from God so personally I'm going to focus on the positive and thank God that the majority of Canadians did not vote for Justin Trudeau, that Communists Countries have all but China been overthrown, that the Muslim invasions were beaten back and that the neo pagans Nazis lost the war.  So I'll believe that right will prevail and if I'm wrong then great . If I'm right.  Well, we may fear in the night but light comes in the morning.

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