Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gratitude June 1, 2016

Thank you God for this day. Sometimes I don't think I'll make it another day but then much to my surprise I wake up to a world of wonder.  Moods move like squalls on the ocean. This too will pass. I'm so thankful for the sunshine on the weekend.
Thank you Lord for Gilbert. He has been such a joy for me. A wonderful companion. Always happy and excited  a bout little things. I love his little warm body cuddling up against me at night when we go to sleep. Then in the morning he is so happy and excited to go for a walk. All I have to do to see him really happy is to throw him a yellow ball. He's a reminder always that play is right there ready and available.  I just have to shift my attitude.
Thank you for my family. I am so grateful to have had the parents I've had, the brother, the nephews.  I'm so thankful they are such good people, so accomplished and such great characters.
Thank you for my friends Lord. I'm am so blessed to know such good and kind and intelligent friends. Each is a unique wonder and through my life since childhood on I have been blessed to know so many good people, such fine friends.
Thank you Lord also for the losers and assholes in my life. Were it not for the drug addict lying sociopath who came to work for me I would not so thoroughly appreciate the wonderful staff I've had in comparison to her shallow ignorant spitefulness and the harm she did to my vulnerable patients.  By contrast I've been very blessed to have some of the finest women and men work for me over the years starting with Lil, my first secretary and including all the ones to those I am blessed to work with now.
Thahnk you so much Lord for my mentors and teachers. I was so well prepared for country general practice and for northern medicine and all the psychiatric illness and physical illness I've seen since. I'm sorry none of my teachers prepared me for the cancerous growth of incompetent administration that uses up the health care dollars and mismanages resources.  I am so tired of all these lazy know it all people with great pay and no accountability and ignorance that is inconceivable to the average person.  I'm so tired of the arrogance. But again thank you Lord for showing me this incompetence and mismanagement and the overbearing ignorance  and callousness because it has made me so appreciative of those in leadership who are highly intelligent, education, empathic and wise.
Thank you Lord for the sun and rain.
Thank you lord for the wilderness.
Thank you for my Harley Davidson motorcyle and the joy of riding on the highway to and from work. Thank you for the pleasure of my Miata sports car so that I can have the top down in summer. I am so enjoying the outdoor experience these vehicles give me on sunny days and they make the terrible Vancouver commutes with all the construction, delays and traffic jams so much more tolerable.
 Thank you for my sailboat and the new painted bottom. Thank you for the prospect of sailing again.  Thank you for all of the travel I've been able to do from most recently going to Ireland with Laura to my first trips across Canada with my family, bicycling across  Europe with my first wife and going to Mexico and Hawaii with my second wife.  Thank you for all these lovely memories of the beautiful lovers in all their youthful glory on beaches and in ancient settings.
Thank you for antiquity. Thank you for history. Thank you for the novels I'm so enjoying reading these days.
Thank you for pod casts that allow me to keep up with medicine.
Thank you for food. I so enjoy eating, especially ice cream. Thank you for coffee and expresso machines.
Thank you God for your presence and this creation and your place in my life.  Thank you for spirituality and sobriety. Thank you for recovery and church and schools and university.  Thank you for my work and my ability to be of service.
Thank you for this day, Lord.

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