Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit and Canada

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union.
There are two forces in history which are always at play.  These are centralization and decentralization. Authority can be democratic or autocratic.  The sad story of the European Union is that it had the opportunity to be a democratic organization, a federation as it were of equal ‘states’ or ‘countries’ but increasingly it took on the character of the USSR.  Rather than following the US model of ‘state’ versus ‘federal’ authority,  with all t's checks and balances, including the second amendment, Merkel made the European Union in the image of the communism she knew and revered,  All leftists love the promise of power that comes with  government committee dictatorship,. Despite the hundreds of millions killed by communists they claim to celebrate diversity while killing any opponent.  Not surprisingly they ally today with "Islam is a religion of peace", except Islam describes only those who worship Allah and Mohammed.  All others are persecuted or killed.  The devil is in the detail and the language but both demand 'political correctness' with it's political police and 'Muslim correctness" with it's 'religious police'.  The end result is a hegemony of power in the hands of an elite and their administrative henchmen and henchmen.
Communism is increasingly socialism ruled by layers upon layers of apparatchiks and laws upon laws with declining common sense and an amazing unwillingness of this liberal elite to listen to the ‘ignorant’ and “irrelevant’ democratic masses within each country.  Committee dictatorship is the better term for socialism which goes with this Lipstick and Limousine Liberal class of hypocrites.
Justin Trudeau wanted the one world order offered by Brussels.  Justin Trudeau’s doesn’t care for the common Canadian values but loves the jet setting elitism his reign so far has been all about.  Billions of Canadian tax payer dollars given away to the United Nations and Canada is peddled to foreigners for Liberal privilege and influence.  Canadian traditions and values are denied.
“Get the fuck out of my way!” is new Trudeau anthem for the  nation. “My way”.  That’s what Merkel wanted. That’s what Obama wanted. It’s what Trudeau said.
There’s a different way and it’s called “Our Way”.  Brexit didn’t reject ‘Our Way” , just Brussels communist centralism.   I don’t reject Canada. I reject Justin Trudeau’s dictatorship and arrogance and ignorance.  Perhaps Canadians will get the courage to reject tyranny earlier than Britain.  I don’t want Trudeau’s United Nations with all it’s communism and dictatorship and it’s celebration of tyranny with all it’s lies.
I can only hope Canadians will demand a referendum on Trudeau and Quebec Liberals.  Brexit gives me hope.

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