Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Political Insaniety Today

Well, the big news item this week was the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. What should have been a celebration of a 17 year engineering feat costing 11 billion dollars and tunnelling 57 km instead turned out to be coupled to a  bizarre  satanic goat man beastiality ceremony with the attendance of Merkel, Renzi, Hollande and other leaders of the  European Union.
Next ISIL muslim leaders are chopping off the heads and mutilating the bodies and killing families of 250 women who refuse to be sex slaves.
Naturally the news is about Sophie's expensive dresses. She's on the cover of women's magazines and life continues as usual.
It's a theatre d'absurd.  The democrats have Bengazhi Hillary and the republicans have the Donald. Meanwhile Bernie "Silly" Sanders is still drawing crowds.  Justin Bieber must be singing somewhere. But where is Country Joe and the Fish?
And the Bilderberg Group is meeting in relative secrecy in Dresden
Muslims continue to gang rape women all over the world while feminists  object to Canadian men looking at them while they do the Slut Walk.
Where is Salvator Dali when we need him?
Reality is stranger than fiction.
We have only Goebels as media chronicler. Where are you Fellini when we need you?

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