Sunday, June 5, 2016

Caribou Road Fellowship Church

It’s been hard with summer to get to church, especially to drive downtown Vancouver when I’m feeling the strain of weekly commuting as it is.  I’m more of a winter church goer anyways.
But this weekend Laura and I decided to go to the Caribou Road Fellowship Church a few blocks away. We missed the god kids and left Gilbert to guard the home.  The church itself was really welcoming. I’ve seen in passing that there were always a whole lot of cars in their large parking area.
Inside they had a Third Day type rock band with music that moved Laura and me.  I loved that they played the hit song with the memorable line, “there may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning’.
The pastor with what sounded like a New Zealand accent had chosen to address “Suffering’ using the old testament book, Job, as the basis of his sermon.  I whispered to Laura that “Job is the least taught book in the church”.   Working as a physician it’s been my bread and butter and frankly I’ve liked a collage of Kierkegaard, Bonhoeffer and Emmett Fox's ideas.  I even studied the topic of Suffering at Regent college where the academic presentation was fairly thin soup.   However the discussion was redemptive.  In attendance there’d been an ICU Nurse, a  military OR nurse, and a couple of psychiatrists.  Our after class discussions as ‘front line’ Christians made up for the ‘academic’ presentation.
Job is from the Jewish Bible, writing thousands of years old.  The pastor today did a marvellous job of selecting New Testament Christian passages to help with the understanding of this most troubling subject.  It was really very intriguing and insightful.  I was uplifted by an otherwise difficult discussion.  Mostly I was impressed with his willingness and the congregations appreciation of a sermon that actually tackled Job and addressed the essence of the Christian message as it built on the most profound of Jewish theology.
I was also impressed that they had a Friday evening service for Recovery.   I like churches that embrace recovery and see addiction in terms of spiritual bankruptcy.  
More music followed.  Invitations for coffee were proffered.  They have a lovely facility and it’s had a recent extension.  We had Gilbert and sunshine outdoors waiting so headed home.
It was a lovely church experience and we'd gladly return.
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