Thursday, June 23, 2016

Napanee Vacation early thoughts

I’ve just found out that its been so long since I sat cross legged on the grass that my back muscles and legs don’t remember how we did this. And to think I once sat sunrise to sunset in meditation.  My back and knees were younger then.
I just bought a baseball bat.  My brother Ron is at the physiotherapist.  He and I and my father before us used to get neck pains.  It’s always put down to whiplash but I think it’s man’s struggle to walk up right.  Knuckle draggers unite!
Earlier I was reading about Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. He wanted to unite the wisdom of the Hindus and Muslims of his region.  His practice mystically was meditation on the name of God and coupled with this chanting poetry.  He spent time with the Sadhus and the Suffi’s.  He developed the not original but important idea of the community meal where men of all religion, all castes and all classes ate together.
I thought of the mystical saying of Eastern zen.  Does the butterfly think the philosopher or does the philosopher think the butterfly?
The challenge to the student is the ‘one and the many”.
Quantum Physics, since the revelations of Neils Bohr has taught we are Energy.  Einsteins formula E=MC2 simply dictate that Mass is slow energy essentially.
Descartes famous theorem was “Cognito ergo sum”.  I think therefore I am.
The “I-dea” or I god , is the ego, which acknowledges self but cannot with certainty say there is another.  This is beyond the ‘me’ principle to the ‘we’ principle of today.
When we are afraid we are more likely to withdraw into the paranoid position of what Buber, the great Jewish philosopher called the “I and It’ as opposed to the “I and Thou” of love.

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