Saturday, June 4, 2016

June Weekend, 2016

Hot sunny day.  Hanging out.  Rode the motorcycle over to Macdonalds for brekkie,  Egg Bacon McMuffins and hash browns for Laura and me. Sausage paddy for Gilbert.  Told the young man at MacDonalds that I’ve been eating egg mcmuffins for over 30 years.  Kept us alive in surgical internship.
Now outside shirtless.  Going topless like the Prime Minister. Showing off tats. Not elbowing the ladies or beating up the aboriginals but vacationing.  Here in Canada. Not like him. All over the world, with his wife and in laws.  The wife needs two nannies.  Amazing.  Kids these days.
Admit it, you’re envious. Not really. I’d rather be on the high seas in my sailboat crossing the Atlantic or lining up for an anchorage in the Mediterranean.  Life is good. I’m forever grateful.  Never thought I’d live through times past but here I am.  Thankful.  Thank you Jesus.
Now i’m reading about a corvette in Beagle Channel WWII.  Hard to believe ships working those dangerous waters.
2 weeks and I’ll be sailing.  Fair weather sailing.  Boat’s bottom painted.  New rigging.  Can’t wait really. Will be nice to just motor about. Love my new Volvo engine.  Can’t get enough of it.  The new foresail is sweet too.  Really pulls.  I’ll have to look into replacing the main sail eventually.
Was thinking of trading in the quad for a Honda 500 Side by side.  I’d like to be able to winch it onto the truck rather than ride it up the tracks.  Everything is just right now but my mind keeps thinking of changes, upgrades, alterations. Never satisfied. I’ve a weakness in my left arm, comes from the cervical spine, improved by chiropractor, but rather than doing tai chi or Yoga I start thinking of trading in my very heavy electroglide for a lighter bike.  But I love my elecroglyde. Love the luggage for shopping and travel too.  Gilbert’s fine in it.  Just need to exercise.  Lose some weight.  Live some weights. I’ll be better after a bit at sea. Always exercise. Especially sailing.  Lots of muscles in play.
Aging. I worry about this.  Feel the limits of years and see friends 10 years old and know they’re feeling less strength.  Love that an 80 year old does crossing in the north atlantic.  I think more will be more active in coming years.  Yet people are dying.  The 70 year olds in the music industry. The 20 year olds doing drugs. Lots of overdoses from fentanyl.
I used to like that psychiatry was physically not so hard work as surgery but psychologically and emotionally it takes a toll. I feel so helpless with the heroin addicts.  Livers going, immunological systems dying, overdoses.
But that was my interest. Non compliance.  Contrarian behaviour.  Why people do what’s not good for them.
Here i am overweight.  I’d do better to lose 20 pounds or more at least.  But I love just lying in the sun. Did a stint around noon. All oiled up with Olay cream with sun screen on my face.  Lasted less than an hour.  Now I’m in the shade.
Pretty easy day.  I’ve steak for barbecue later and lasagne thawed. Gilbert had a frozen bone.  It’s a reprieve.  Down time.  I love the sun and mild breeze.  Campground life.  RV living.  Was thinking about a larger RV but mine is just great.  Have to shut off the ‘inch-itis’.  On a boat one always wants a mother couple of inches, same as in an RV.  Never felt this way in a house.  Always more space than I could use.  Offices get congested.  My garage is full of junk but I still have to move some fall and winter gear to the storage locker.
Tom’s got the truck .  He’s doing clean up.  Getting a new tire for it.
I had the Mazda Miata in for it’s servicing and had four new tires installed after the nail caused the leak and they said the other tires were balding.  Now it’s up to speed.  Miata and Harley maintained to best specs and SV GIRI almost there.  Truck was serviced too.  So I’m good for a while. Maintenance is costly.  I don’t mind that. It’s all the licensing and punishing taxation.  I’d kill myself but the government has death taxes. It’s now got breathing taxes too.  No wonder so many are killing themselves with heroin and women are aborting their babies.  The elite are lizards.
One mustn’t enter the ‘dread’.  It’s a miasma that can reach up and pull one down even on a sunny day.
Thank you Jesus for this day and this life.  Thank you for all your blessings. Help me to see God in all and know your love is ever present.
Thank yo
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