Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday Morning Gratitude

Thank you Lord for getting me out of bed this morning.  Thank you for Monday. Much to my astonishment I survived it despite my fear and negativity.  Thank you for people who smiled and didn’t yell, for little things, like laughter and guitars.  Thank you for Gilbert. Thank you for Bob Dylan.  Thank you for Leonard Cohen. Thank you for Joni Mitchell. Thank you for Phish. Thank you for Edward Sharpe.  Thank you Third Day. Thank you for Dooby Brothers. Thank you for Gordon Lightfoot. Thank you for all the music that has bolstered my mood during the cloudy days.
Thank you for Gilbert. Thank you for pets. Thank you for peace talks even when they are just an excuse for more money to be taken from the poor and given to the rich.  Thank you for discussions of any kind when they avoid war.  Thank you for happiness. Thank you for Joy. Thank you for work. Thank you for meals. Thank you for coffee and honey and cream. Thank you for butter and bread.
Thank you for colours. I especially love the colours. Thank you for the seasons. Thank you for internet and Facebook and emails.  Thank you for family and friends. Thank you for the fish in the fish tank I so take for granted and the home and office plants I rarely talk too.  Thank you for cleanliness when it appears. Thank you for engines and grease and oil and fuel and solar power and wind power and electronics.
Thank you for daffodils. Thank you for fond memories. Thank you for high school and kindergarden and growing up in Canada. Thank you for university. Thank you for sobriety and being free of drugs and alcohol and having a mind that is awake and not a slave to sensation and delusion. Thank you for the Holy Bible and all holy works and spiritual texts and teachers. Thank you for those who love . Thank you for music again.  Thank you for sweet smells and kind people.
Thank you Lord for Tuesday.  Help me survive another day this week. Help me get past this cloudy ennui and fatigue and the sadness of the disparity of political power and the fears.  Please God still my fear and always remind me of the wonders and miracles there are in abundance in this sacred life of enchanting reality.
Thank you.

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