Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

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As a western working man, I generally think Friday is good.  This Good Friday is named so for Holy Week, the week of the death and resurrection of Jesus, Son of God, God become Flesh, son of Virgin Mary, Mother of God, historic Jesus, and Cosmic Christ.
The story is that Jesus came to earth to view his creation.  God is trinity. Three in one, God the father, god the son, and god the holy ghost - the holy ghost has powers of knowing all like mothers with little kids and other mother like powers but is called just the holy ghost because well, even dead, I an old man,  feel my mother’s presence.  God (God is gender, genderless, immanent, transcendent, mysterious - if my little head could know God, God wouldn't be big enough to do the job) is present always as the holy spirit, holy ghost, higher power.
So Jesus lived a short life and taught some friends esoteric truth. He was from humble beginnings, carpenter,  and his friends were from humble beginnings, fishermen etc.  His message was that the last could be first and the first could be last. The prevailing then and today Big Man, Big Woman, Big  Chief, (the elite only count) and rest of humans are slaves and servants  (first class, and second class) was the exact opposite of God’s message in Jesus.
Jesus was the servant king. He washed the feet of his followers. He liked babies and healed the sick. He preached love and service.
He antagonized the rulers in the church and politics and courts of his day.  The king tried to kill him.  Ultimately, while the provincial or state authorities would have liked to have killed him, the federal or world court sentenced him to death.  Jesus was crucified on Good Friday, called the King of Jews and killed over the cesspit of Jerusalem beside robbers.
Jesus said his kingdom was heaven and the Jewish people released the worldly rebel in his stead.  The story has many interesting twists and turns with much political insight and much re invention, invention and truth. That Jesus was a Jew is historic.  There is only one time and that time is now. Jesus is universal and all races, all people, all genders, all ages in the now.  That's the cosmic christ.  The Jesus story was universal which was why it became 'catholic'.
The bottom line is that "we" (i.e. humans)  killed God when he came.  I don’t think even aliens with greater advanced civilizations and technology are likely to visit Earth any time soon, given our barbarism.  It’s one thing to kill other soldiers but the message of Jesus was we still kill our innocents. Leaders of nations are paranoids and we are paranoids. Each of us is schizophrenic at our core.  We are alienated and when we encounter the God of Love we kill him. Even now abortion and euthanasia are the principle offering of the elite and powerful, supported by the high courts and high politics and much of the clergy today.
I see Jesus in the unborn, the old, the invalid, the sick and the dispossessed. Jesus is life.
Today we kill him.
When I read a story I like to be the hero but the real way to be in a story is to consider yourself as all parts, like a great drama with every actor having a role and even having roles that are interchangeable.  So today I’m a Jewish Judge sentencing Jesus to be killed and asking a Federal Political Leader to get me ,as one of the soldiers to kill this falsely accused and innocent man.
I don’t believe in capital punishment because of such glaring mistakes by state authorities.
I prefer the courts let a guilty man go free than to have an innocent man killed.
I am especially concerned about the increasing failure of justice in Canada specifically because of the celebration of false accusation especially in the area of ‘social justice’ with little consequence to the accuser and horrible outcomes for the falsely accused. I estimate perhaps a million or more Canadians have been false accused in recent years without any consequence to the accusers which is one of the reasons I’m concerned about the Bible being outlawed by the State. The ‘secular’ and ‘atheist’ groups have been the most murderous lot in history making Christians and other religious groups look like kindergarden kids by comparison.
So today I consider the political aspect of the Crucifixion.
But personally I kill God in me daily but preferring lust to love, money to wealth, superficial to deep, material over spiritual, self centeredness to altruism.  So today is a day of confession.  I confess my addiction to this world and the world of the senses and my commonly turning away from God and the present, worrying about the future in terms of my security, my ambitions and my sexual desires or regretting and resenting the past in terms of my thwarted ambitions, threats to security and loss of sexual relationships.
I promise God and myself and my community that I will continue to look within and upwards to the transcendent and eternal.  I will seek higher rather than lower desires or at least see the God and divine in all and give up the belief that I can be apart from God in anyway place or shape.  I will forego the alienation and isolation that pride and narcissism give to my psychopathic self. The lizard brain within along with that lone wolf killer self will be kept at bay so I can hear the child cry or the wind in the willows.
Today is Good Friday, because Jesus said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do?”  So to be as Jesus , I learn to forgive even my enemies because they are just immature. As Jesus died and was reborn so death is not an end but a beginning.
The child believes it’s worm self is all but I know I’m a caterpillar so there is yet the butterfly to come. In death I live.
This world is but a passing.  I’m on a journey and this world is ephemeral.  There is in me an eternity, a god self, a light, a Christ within, so I must live not as if this world is all but know it as a kind of kindergarden of the soul.
Women get off lightly in Christianity.  Men die and women cry. But I believe the wives of the men who killed Jesus were demanding his death. They are like Evan Brawns who was Hitler’s girlfriend. I believe Eva Brawn was the greatest anti semite of all times and demanded Hilter kill jews.  So I think there was Mother Mary and other good women in the Christian story who did less than they could and denied Jesus as Peter his greatest follower denied him, to save himself.  I believe no one comes off looking good at the crucifixion.  Even the mother doesn’t get herself killed trying to save her son but saves herself by pulling up short of self sacrifice.  I believe I failed Jesus.
Today the story of Jesus is happening in the here and now. I’m not God so I’m only God’s persecutor today.  Jesus is Lord. Again I like to be the hero, the God, in my own drama, but I’ve good friends and we tell each other, “get down off the cross, we can use the wood.”  The worst are those who ‘self pity’ and ‘claim victim status’ and ‘out victim’ each other. They are the ‘false christs’ because there is only Jesus, son of God and each of us is son and daughter of God but he is first.
Because perception takes a nanosecond, I’m a second thought, not a first thought. I’m even in the now, co creation not the creator. I’m closest to God in the stillness and then I see I’m not the prime mover but am very very moved indeed.
Jesus taught Love.
Yahweh, Jehovah, God was a god of war. All gods began as a god of war for the tribe they represented. All gods.
Jesus said, there is one god and god is love.
Today I will again try to choose love over fear.
Today I will go to church and be reminded again and again.
I will also go to the North Shore Round Up.  But first I must walk the dog. I imagine there was a dog whimpering at the foot of the cross, given there were shepherds then.  No doubt someone kicked him away. That was probably me too.

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