Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Gratitude

I'm sitting in the office showing a patient how easy it is to create a blog. I'm encouraging them in writing and journalling and suggesting blogging so their ideas don't gather dust in storage lockers.  I encourage people not to share the intimate lives with farm animals or other illegal activities on the internet for fear of what may occur in the future. I also suggest people 'journal' through blogging but not threaten governments or individuals knowing simply that the internet is a 'public domain'.  I think it's useful for people to blog and recognise then what they are leaving out of the 'public domain' of their 'on line journal' and to discuss those matters with pastors, counsellors, lawyers or others personally. I also encourage people to learn about the internet through blogging and knowing not to post pictures of their private parts nude in public spaces otherwise their future as a politician by be affected as Weaner's was.  It will be sometime before society matures enough to use the internet safely.  So I'm thankful today for the internet, for google, for science, for computers and for writing and ideas and people who share. Thank you

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