Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Long Weekend Activities

It’s been an active weekend.  I had planned to leave my quad at Daytona but it turns out I had to book an appointment.  Still I got to ride around in my great Ford F350 truck with the great Yamaha Kodiac 450 4x4 in the back.  Very impressive.  Gilbert sitting high beside me thought so too.  We had lots of walks on the weekend.  He rode on the back of motorcycle, in the sportscar and on the back of the Navigator bicycle. I rode the motorcycle over to the boat and used the zodiac to buzz by my friend George.  English Bay was spectacular in the sun.  There was the North Shore Round Up which was incredible and Easter Sunday service at St. James Anglican Church.  I even to some swimming in.  I completed a third edit on my boat, Psychiatry and Addiction and made a venison chilli.  I figure I’ve watched several episodes of the tv series Chuck, a comedy about a CIA team and Ultimate Force, the British series about the SAS.  I’ve napped to. I don’t think I’ve done much these four days considering I’d planned to drive out to Agazziz, bear hunt and/or take photos of tulips.  Hanging out at home has been pretty okay, especially moving the book along.  I’m really enjoying my new Nikon Coolpix S9700 pocket camera.  Got a nice picture of a flicker and some nice flower shots. Almost got a picture of the Kingfishers that are back again this year.  I love the telephoto and wide-angle on it.  I’ve yet to use the wifi and gps features but like them.
 IMG 5105IMG 5110IMG 5113
IMG 5117
IMG 5121DSCN0004DSCN0006

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