Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sayward Spring Bear Hunting or Not

I’m not really a committed spring bear hunter. Another year I’ve taken time off before the bear have come out of hibernation. Last year this time I was in Princeton and saw no sign of bear. Here I’m north of Sayward on Vancouver Island. I actually have seen some fresh scat but only one pile and I’ve been driving about on my ATV all day.
That’s the thing, though. I’m having a great time.  Gilbert and I and the new Yamaha Kodiac 450.  I’ve got the Mossberg 30:30 in the side scabbard as back up.   I’m carrying my Ruger Stainless Steel 30:06 on the front prongs.  I had a thermos of coffee and a chocolate bar.  I enjoyed coffee breaks with chocolate.  I gave Gilbert little milk bones.  It was heaven.  I love the scenery, the snow capped mountains and island evergreen forest.
I know I should be hiking more but after getting the ATV off the back of the Ford F350 I didn’t want to leave it anywhere where it may be stolen. I suspect once I’ve had it awhile and found the right chain I’ll be more willing to get back to hiking about. Maybe not.
I did strip naked and swim in a rock pool.  I can’t say ‘swim’.  I went,  turned around and came right out . Maybe a nano second fully submerged. It was that cold but the sun was warm. It was a great ‘idea’,  taking a dip in April. Definitely refreshing.
I saw a partridge strutting his stuff.  Then there were a couple of big elk that crossed the road. Last night I saw deer beside the road.
Yesterday I took the Horshoe Bay - Nanaimo Ferry and drove up to Campbell River. I sighted in my 30:06, killing a few cans and bottles at 50 yards.  I was satisfied  and felt  was well equipped for the morning hunt.  I stayed in Passage View Motel,  Campbell River. Nice pleasant  place on the ocean. I’ve stayed there before. Really clean and a stair case to the beach.  The Manageress is delightful as well. Very helpful
Now I’m in Mount H’kusuam View Lodge.  Chris the owner is wonderful.  My room is spectacular. Gilbert got to hang with the other dogs out back, there’s 3 big ones, different breeds, all friendly.  He was glad though to leave the kennel and become a human again after a half hour of play. He’s a little guy and though he gets on with the big guys well enough ,i could see he was ready to return to his special status with me.
Chris made a superb dinner, soup, salad and pasta.  Each specifically home spiced. I loved it.  While I ate we talked. He’d been a computer science professor, and then he and his wife and four kids had a goat dairy which they made commercial. When the kids went off to university they came here to develop this 20 acre, 20 bed hostel. I met Jill. They’re both so extraordinary and so accomplished.
I’m my contemporary spacious luxurious room. I saw there was a full moon out the window.  Hopefully it’s a hunters moon and a bear will be suicidal in the morning.  Otherwise it will still be worth the trip just to have found this unique Mount H’kusam View Lodge.  I love the narrow falls that is cascading out back.
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