Saturday, April 5, 2014

Quadding Chilliwack River in Rain with Gilbert

It was either Mount Vernon Tulip Festival or bear hunting on the quad with Gilbert.  We planned to go early but work kept me busy till noon.  Better late than not at all.  I loaded the gear while Gilbert the cockapoo  danced excitedly around in the rain.
At Langley I stopped at Holeshot to pick up some gloves but got a new pair of 12 foot ramps as well. My 8 foot ramps on an F350 was too exciting loading and off loading the quad.  I felt like I was going to flip over backwards.
At Abbotsford, I stopped at  Hubb Sports to renew my hunting license and get a black bear tag.  Got talking rifles 300 win mags , and the Weatherby seemed best.
In Chilliwack, I stopped at Victor’s to leave him the old ramp and let Gilbert run around his backyard with his rotty girlfriend, Tikka. They really are cute together.  Victor was putting a new front on his harley.  A harley driving friend dropped by while we were talking. I could have hung out but there’s only so much light on a rainy day.
Back on the road we stopped at MacDonalds drive through.  Gilbert almost climbed through the window to get his own paddy.  I had the unbeatable, quarter pounder with cheese and filled my thermos with the excellent Mac Coffee.
Then we headed out Chilliwack River way till we found a logging road where I could unload the Yamaha Kodiac 450 ATV.  The new ramp worked great.
Riding along  with yellow rain coated Gilbert behind me I just loved looking at the spectacular west coast rain forest.  I loved  the rushing  river.  The Yamaha 4x4 was terrific.  Gilbert’s  a great companion.  We didn’t see a bear.  We could have.  With the Mossberg lever action 30:30, I shot of 20 rounds at  targets 40 yards out, satisfied with the groupings  and happy to kill a few cans.
I found some snow too.  The global warming deniers in East Canada have been insisting on this winter being cold with lots of snow. The television studios as part of that conspiracy have been showing pictures of snow piled high and slushy streets.  It seemed to me the principal global warming deniers were in Winnipeg and Ottawa.  Out here on the west coast I’ve not seen snow, until today. I found some hiding up in the hills.  Gilbert liked playing in it.  
Back at the truck I got out the ramps and loaded up the ATV.  I’d parked beside a guy with a boat that can be used as an RV. Good outfit for this modern day Noah.  It was raining hard enough all day to start collecting animals.  Gilbert and I were glad to get in to the truck out of the rain and crank up the heat.
We headed back home. Now I’ve just come in from the hot tub.  I didn’t get a bear but we sure had fun.

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