Sunday, April 6, 2014

Veiled Crosses, St.James Anglican, and Motorcycling to Squamish and Gilbert

Gilbert and I made it to St. James Anglican Church today for the sermon by Father Mark Greenaway-Robbins.  His sermon was of course on Lent and Holy Week.  The crosses and images in the church were veiled in purple. This represented the fasting from ‘sacred depictions’.
Everyone is invited to church during Holy Week. Of course everyone is invited to church every week but especially during Holy Week. Our new Right Reverend Melissa Skelton, Bishop, Anglican Diocese of New Westminister will be the Homilist Palm Sunday April 13. High Mass with the blessing of the palms and neighbourhood process is at 10:30 am
Fr. Mark Greenaway-Robbins inspired  by Thomas Traherne, First Century stated, On the Cross of Christ, “The Cross is the abyss of wonders, the centre of desires, in the school of virtues, the house of wisdom, the throne of love, the theatre of joys and the place of sorrows; It is the root of happiness , and the gate of Heaven.”
 Maundy Thursday, April 17 at 6:30 pm Solem Mass of the Institutions of the Blessed Sacrament, followed by an all night Watch before the Altar of Repose. (People had begun to sign up in groups of three to do hourly vigils to ensure all night presence and prayer.)
Good Friday is April 18 with stations of the cross at 10 am for children, 2 pm Stations of the Cross, 3:00 pm Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday, Homily “the throne of love” and 5 pm Confessions.
Holy Saturday is April 19 with 9pm Great Mass of Easter with the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.
Easter Day is April 20 with 8:30 am Low Mass of Resurrection, 10:30 am High Mass of the Resurrection with Procession and Blessing of the Easter Garden, Homily “the place of sorrows: the root of happiness, and the gate of Heaven”. 5 pm Evenson and Benediction in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel

 Gilbert and I had ridden to the mass on Harley.
After the mass we roared off with the Doobie Brothers, the only cd I had with me, loudly playing on the stereo.  We rode to the boat to confirm all was well.   Gilbert barrelled up and down the dock gleeful running full tilt boogie.
Now annually we drive up the curvy road to Horseshoe Bay to get back into the hang of highway motorcycling  Today, we drove all the way to Squamish.  It was a spectacular day of grand vista. The clouds were hanging at the level of the snow on the mountain tops, The ocean beside the Sea to Sky highway was a particularly beautiful.  Gilbert and I loved the ride.
We stopped at Starbucks along with a dozen other bikers all of us getting a jump on this great destination for one of the prime rides of the province.  I had a Mocha and Gilbert ate a little Caesar I’d thought to pack just for such an occasion.
Thank you Jesus for good rides and such surroundings of awesome splendour.
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