Saturday, January 25, 2014

Underground Solution to Global Warming, Environment Change and Population

All the concerns of the ‘doom saying’ environmentalists and population explosion propagandists can be solved by admitting the principal ‘problem’ is the ‘above ground cities’.
I was recently called a ‘denier’ by a  colleague scientist and was annoyed.  I don’t deny the need for change on earth but I do deny the validity of any of the silly and short sighted expensive and usually self serving solutions presented today by urban academic activist environmentalists.  They are almost all critics who live and work in the city or university and their solutions usually involve everyone else, not themselves, making the first sacrifice.  I don’t like that.
It’s is a simple fact that administration and government are hundreds of years behind the advances of scientists and science.  The lack of education of the masses is despicable.  The evidence of the mass stupidity of the planet is the nature of political debates and the presentations of the media especially the ‘talking heads’ portions.  The news commentaries are little better than the sports commentaries and now the weather man has rebranded himself as an environmentalists so we’ve yet another ‘entertainment’ device masquerading as intelligence.
In the quiet north, not the vocal south, people have been increasingly building their cities underground to solve the problems of wasteful heating and harsh environment.
The greatest risk to the planet would be a solar flare.  Skip the need for bunkers when we all felt a Superpower temper tantrum would incinerate us.
The technology is available for building mines and oil wells and amazing underground cities of the likes that Buckminister Fuller among others have envisioned for oceans and seas and lakes. Our mining engineers, the trolls of Texas, and diggers of the north, have been honing their skills in search for gold and oil. It's time to put these tracking folk to a true test.  Have them build holes to house cities.
There is room on the planet for billions more even without sending the young explorers off the planet (Columbus et al did it) leaving the ‘known’ world and going interplanetary and intergalactic.  The potential and hope for human expansion is unlimited no matter how the fearful and angry would "deny' it.  L'Chaim.  Life!!  To be or not to be!
The problem though is right now we have parking lots and roads and cities on our very very best market garden, forest, pasture land.  Where I live in Vancouver, all the best farm land and forest land of the lower mainland is now utilized for urban housing, mostly of bureaucrats and executives and office buildings all of which could be better placed underground.
There is technology today for light and air shafts and wonderful underground living even a politician would find acceptable. It is far superior to the living space on the space station that Colonel Hadfield thrived in.  Underground dwelling is not a space station. It's indeed back to our roots. We began as cave dwellers.
Our ‘hot house gas’ problem would be solved with this highly ‘green’ solution.  Put MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, and all the newer universities underground.  I think there's a place for saving Oxford, already a mental museum, and sites like Jerusalem but Tel Aviv can go underground as could Cambridge.  Build a forest onto these.  Leave the White House and Lincoln Monument but put the Pentagon and all the office buildings and even the museums underground.  The Kennedy Centre's acoustics would improve underground.  
In Old England , the ‘commons’ was the area where everyone could use the ‘wilderness’ space above ground for whatever.  Instead of Central Park being a few blocks of space in miles of above ground buildings of New York,  there would be a few building and miles of Central Park.
To achieve this end, we’d simply require that no new buildings above ground be accepted in urban areas.  Every new complex would have to be underground and a forest and pastureland or commons above land would be incorporated into the city planning.  We have various city ordnances, like nuclear weapons free zones, or the ‘bike lanes of Vancouver’.  So what’s wrong with ‘no above ground building’.  No ‘sky scrapers’.  And when sky scrapers come down, a 20 or 40 story underground development goes in.  Even if we replaced the 2 and 3 level above ground accommodations with 3 or 4 level below ground accommodation the capacity of the city would multiply exponentially.
Further, all existing ‘parking lots’ would be required to have trees planted around them turning this horrible eyesore and waste into a marvellous solution, until they were placed underground and surrounded by mushroom farms.  Joni Mitchell’s song, “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot’ would be history.
No more sky rails but underground subways everywhere.   Subways built with the consideration of earthquakes and tsunamis if we really are concerned about ‘climate change’.
From this day forth, I will not listen to a ‘environmentalist’ who hasn’t converted his urban high rise office or academic building with a ‘view’ ,into a basement suite. Everyone should boycott above ground environmentalists and "deny" listening to any 'weatherman' (rebranded environmentalist) if he is not broadcasting from below ground with free range chickens running above his head.
People living in basement suites today are the true saints and heroes..  Rural dwellers also to be applauded.
Once the city becomes pasture and farmland the cost of transporting all the food from the hinterland to these obese consumer ‘critics’ would be solved. They’d get their ‘ greens’ and euthanasia fanatics hankering after 'solyent greens' would be silenced.
Even space aliens would be confounded by this beautiful planet, it's cities fully camouflaged with forest and farm lands,  without the horrible acne infestation above ground cities and suburbs. Ban the above ground urbanites and suburbanites!!!

All those people who have done horrible damage to the planet and planetary resources so they could get a ‘view’ , so their apartments and offices could sit on ‘prime real-estate’ where a farm belonged or a sheep herd,  would no longer go to environmentalist hell. Instead of shovelling shit they could shovel the earth and build a home for themselves rather than continuing to proselytize doom and gloom.  Each of us is dying but the human race has never been more alive. The world's future has never been brighter if we could only get bankers to get their heads down where their asses are and wake to the earth's potential.

And those in LA and New York and Paris and Madrid would only have to come to Winnipeg or Edmonton to learn how to live ‘naturally’ with true 'respect' for the environment.

I love David Suzuki for all he has done for Vancouver, creating jobs and building an empire but I’m not going to listen to another word until he puts his money where his mouth is and moves into a basement suite.  It’s hard to believe, but in contrast to the evolutionary advanced Edmontonians there are,  in supposedly hip and green Vancouver,  worse in Seattle and San Francisco,  actual houses that don't even have a basement.  What a horrible self centred waste. I'm not saying the owners of these obscenities should be lined up and shot ,but I do think that all houses without basements should be the first to be bull dozed to make room for the underground future.

9-11 was a wake up call. The era of the skyscraper is over. As the great poet writer of Ironjohn said , the skyscraper was the final epitome of patriarchy, it’s time for the true ‘womb’ like experience of the safe secure ,environmentally respectful , ecologically advanced underground city with the potential of countless billions more living in earth. As spiritualists have been telling us all along. The answer is 'within'. The present day womb like shopping mall may as well be underground for all the light it sheds.

Urban and suburban above ground dwellers, especially the bureaucrats, executives and academics must change in face of this concern for the environment.  They must set an example by giving up the high rise executive offices, haciendas, dachas and above ground mansions with swimming pools.

The first tax should be on executive suites.  Basement dwellers should be awarded compensation for their adventurous demonstration to their lesser evolved suburbanites that underground living is good for the human race. It has long spawned students and artists and the greatest creative minds.  When people, have risen with the Peter Principle, they have usually been given higher and higher offices where there are more and more like  ‘air heads’.  They have all manner of power but rarely think with the gravity and genius those do who live in basement suites.

Mostly we need the universities and government buildings to be buried to save the planet. Free range chickens, goat herds, vegetable lots, forests,and cows where campuses, government offices and parking lots once were.

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