Sunday, January 19, 2014


I’d been expecting the zombies all my life.  They used to be called Communists.  Before that Nazis.  Then we called them Squares. And after that Conservatives.  Church goers were zombies for a while.  Anyone who didn’t go to university and become an intellectual was obviously a zombie.  I just got around to knowing they were corporations later in life.  I figured they were police and jailers and politicians and judges.  Anyone other than what my group thought was okay had to be a  zombie.

There were always us and them.  Then it was just me and them.  Then I wondered if I was a zombie.  We become what we fear. I was mighty afraid of zombies.  So how come I wasn’t well.  Everyone around me was walking funny. They weren’t biting people but they were eating flesh in church and worshiping the killers in the wars.  Everyone was selling guns and drugs.  

I was ready for the zombies.  I wasn’t ready for my being one.  

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