Monday, January 13, 2014

Killing Season - the movie

Just watched Robert de Nero and John Travolta in an amazing male meeting of post Bosnian Serbian war veterans.  They talk of the fog of war during conflict but there’s sure a lot of confusion after. This is one of the most amazing PTSD, Survivor Guilt and all those other catch phrase psycho babbles we throw about like we know something about the depth and mystery of the human mind and heart. I loved this movie.  So simple and beautiful but heart rendingly intense.
Two combatants meeting 18 years later, lives changed forever by their first meeting in the midst of combat.  The psychology and theology of the words spoken between warriors would require tombs of writing. The photography, in the war overseas and the Appalachian mountains was amazing. It complemented the rustic rawness of  the movie touched.
And “we" send young men to war.  As “they" do too.  To protect the women and children who say they don’t want us to but women seem less able to agree on anything than men.  All it takes is one Eva Brawn or one Hitler then all bets are off.
These two men are not white knights, American and Serbian. They are human and this is one of the most poignant human dramas I’ve seen acted by two of the greatest actors of my age.  Thank you, to all who made this film especially  Director Mark Steven Johnson.
Know your enemy.

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