Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gratitude Jan. 16 2014

Thank you Lord for this day. Thank you for Gilbert my cockapoo friend. Thank you for my bed and my home. Thank you for the heat in the winter. Thank you for the running water and the electric lights. Thank you for the couch and chairs and table and floors and doors and roof.

Thank you for my breath, Lord. Thank you for my beating heart, my eyes that see, my hearing and sense of smell, my feeling and my beingness. Thank you for my mind and brain and soul. Thank you for my understanding and for wisdom. Thank you for my communication in all its forms. Help me ever to do thy will. Help me to be in the flow of your purpose.

May my light within shine with your light, Lord. May the god part of me that is you be what is manifest today. May I more and more know you and know the god part of you in others. Might I love others as I love myself.  May I know that my self is yourself , that the power within me is from the higher power that is you.  May I be one with you. Holy Spirit, Come.  Fill me with light and love.  

God help me to day in all my endeavours.  May I do thy will. May I help all others with your guidance and wisdom. May my work and day be suffused in you Lord.  

Be with those now who are grieving. Be with those who are in tragedy. Lift up those who sorrow.  Be to those I love all that you all to me, protector, provider, guide, and father.  

Thank you Lord for this life and this day.  May I be a channel for your love and your peace.  Thank you.

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