Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Journal

I feel lacking in motivation. I’m watching tv and am satisfied with life on the couch.
I got up this morning and the water line was off. I’ve water in the trailer so had enough for washing. Plan to shower and use the hot tub and pool later today.
The propane tank had gone off in the night so it was chilly in the morning.  Chilly and no option to shower.  I shared a long email with friends trying to be grateful and positive.  I love being a physician and helping patients but the context is increasingly frightening. Perfection and pleasing everyone isn't something that's possible but that's the new job description.
I got dressed though. I drove to church and felt guilty arriving at the end of Father Mathews sermon.  I felt guilty about that.  Father Mathew runs a street mission and I admire his work.  I wanted to hear more of his sermon.  Gilbert goes to church with me.  After church we went downstairs for coffee. There were three other dogs.  I chatted with a woman pianist who had her own piano in storage. I was talking about thinning out my storage.
A guitar player said he thought about giving old pianos to the homeless.  I commented it would be difficult to push a piano and a Safe way cart.  I forget to get into the spirit of ‘good intentions’.  We’re supposed to be safe in church.  Inanity is acceptable.  Sarcasm isn’t.
I told them I was “lightening up’ by unloading my storage locker excess.
I drove over to my storage locker and filled the back of the truck with old camping gear, sleeping bags, propane lanterns, battery operated lanterns, tarps, chairs, lounge chairs, folding tables, cutlery, camping pots and pans, water bottles.   Vivian goes to a sundance festival each summer and wanted camp gear for the festival.  I’m glad to donate.  More ‘lightening up’.
I gave away my Harley cover from my old bike with some gas tanks to one of the other bikers.  The cover doesn’t fit my new electroglide but fit his fatboy.  We talked of Sturges.  He hopes to go one day.  I shared my experience.
Gilbert had me throw the tennis ball at each stop though I didn’t let him out of the truck at Vivian’s. Too much traffic. And I couldn’t forget how sad Vivian was when her dog bolted from the apartment and was hit by a car.  Gilbert makes me laugh.
I told Father Mark that Gilbert had been blessed by the bishop.  Father Mark said he thought as much seeing that Gilbert has a purple leash.
We were all saying, Happy New Year. It’s still the ‘season’.
Now I’m back at the RV. I’ve taken Gilbert for a walk along the river and chatted with a couple of other dog owners.  I’ve ‘socialized’.  I’ve also taken a bunch of books over to the laundry room book exchange.
I ate the porridge I made this morning but realizing I was running late left to eat later. Love microwaves.
I got some of the sun on the walk.  Now I’m watching Blue Bloods.  It would probably be more respectable if it was hockey or football but I prefer drama.  Maybe I’ll clean up more later.  A nap might be another thing to do.  

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