Friday, January 10, 2014

Gratitude Jan. 2014

Thank you Lord for Mayor Robertson and the City of Vancouver. Thank for Premier Christy Clark and the Province of British Columbia. Thank you Lord for Prime Minister Harper and the Government of Canada.  Thank you for our institutions, all of them. Thank you our agriculture, logging, mining and fisheries. Thank you for our manufacturing. Thank you for our health care system. Thank you for our law courts and judges and lawyers. Thank you for our banks and bankers and clerks. Thank you for all of the trade agreements and the export and import facilities and personnel..
Thank you for the workers and unions. Thank you for police and all the other front line workers like customs and bedside and street nurses, and social workers and counsellors, all those who work face to face with the great people of this great land. Thank you for our churches, and synagogues and temples and the ministers and priests who care for their congregations. Thank you for the detox facilities and the drug and alcohol treatment centres and alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous, gambling anonymous, debtors anonymous, codependents anonymous and sex and love addicts anonymous.
Thank you for our libraries and all the wealth of learning and education.  Thank you for internet and the world wide web.  Thank you for our schools and universities and colleges and teachers. Thank you for the media, the newspapers, magazines, radio, television and CBC and Province,  National Post, Globe and Mail, Readers Digest, New York Times,  Guardian Weekly, Economist, National Geographic, Science, Nature, and Scientific American. Thank you for all the research facilities and laboratories and scientists. Thank you for the National Space Station and NASA and the Mars expedition. Thank you for technology and technologist. Thank you for industry and industrialists. Thank you for computers, computer scientists,  electronics, electricians and all technicians.  Thank you for engineering, engineers,  mechanics all those who work with their minds and hands for creation and maintenance in this material world.  
Thank you fashion and clothing industries. Thank you for shoes and orthotics and all the age old genius that has gone to making materials and suits for all manner of terrain, scuba, sailing, sky diving, fishing, uniforms, and finally the Hazmat suit. Thank you for paramedics and baby care. Thank you for mothers and fathers and the whole support network of parents and children.  Thank you for our highways and transportation industry and the airlines and shipping magnates and all the various means that we have, and  the people involved in helping humans move from place to place with their goods and services.
Thank you for all these institutions and all those human institutions that I have missed out through only limits of my memory and imagination.
Thank you for the military and coast guard and all peace keeping forces in Canada and abroad.  Thank you for the Commonwealth and NATO and Great Britain and the United States of American. Especially thank you for Scotland and Ireland, the celts and poetry and song and all the musicians in the world especially the guitar players and violinist and pianists and all the vocalists. Thank you for the choirs especially the church choirs.
Thank you for all the institutions that protect the animals for our companions and service and food. Thank you for the highways and tour industries and all the housing and hotels and resorts and builders.  Thank you for the construction workers, architects and city planners. Thank you for all the  organizational structures and administrators that make all these vast systems of interconnecting industries and services work together with the least amount of friction.
Thank you for my family Lord. Thank you for my friends and all the networks and relationships that I am so blessed to be apart of and share in.
Help me to never forget that I am but a part of a great organic and wonder filled miracle of living dynamic matter energy and relationships. Thank you Lord for yourself and knowing you and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And thank you for all that is the finest and best of the best and most uplifting and beautiful and goodness filled. Thank you for culture at it's highest and for all the very lovely and loving contributions to existence that men and women and children have given to this existence. Thank you for Love.  Thank you for this New Year, 2014

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