Friday, January 31, 2014

Coal Harbour in Winter

Gilbert and I just took a fast spin around Coal Harbour with the 20hp honda on the hard bottomed boat. Saw only one other boat out there whizzing about. Lots of freighters.
We filled up with at the fuel at the fuel dock. Now we are at Bean Around on Lonsdale Quay. There is a corky sitting outside watching its dad intently. Gilbert is on a leash in his life jacket looking at everything.
The chai latte is terrific. Sitting outside on a sunny winter day. I came from riding about in my miata with the top down.
Talked with Darren over on Granville. Had just bought a North Shore Round Up ticket from Antonnio. Good to see the guys. D-has a table for Turning Point. Ive got 6 tickets. He said it was good we were all stepping up for Malcolm. Always enjoyed Malcolm at the Turning Point Gala.
Someone, I won't mention who, (said they'd already been) told me that Taboo, Naughty and Nice, is on this weekend. I missed the Mission Festival last weekend but it looks like I might actually be able to swing by Taboo, no pun intended.
I had planned to drive down to Seattle or out to Harrisons this weekend since I cancelled the trip to Maui. I'm enjoying Vancouver with this awesome weather too much to get away. Maybe tomorrow or the next day I say. The city certainly has its attraction when the rain stops.
I didn't like downtown, Hastings and Main, the kamikaze drunks and addicts are increasing in zombie numbers. Twice I had near hits when guys stumbled out of my blindside from behind to try and cross in front when traffick was stopping and starting.  Frightening.
Better for me to be out on the ocean. Much more peaceful.  Scenery with snow in the mountains sensational.  Blues are just so blue in winter.   Thought of going out on English Bay but it is still too cold. I'm warm in my mustang integrity floater jacket but I didnt bring gloves. Hands are chilly in the wind, the way they are with motorcycles and ATV.
Well time to get back to the boat and head out for a little more water time.

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