Monday, January 7, 2013

Sleep is calling my name

Sleep is calling my name
But the ears won’t listen
The body won’t lie down
Accepting the day is over

There’s one last game to play
One last story to be told
One last love to be had
In the adventure of this day

The challenges were met
But only half hearted
I didn’t play out my hand
To the very last moment

There’s so much more
That could have been done
If only I’d paid more attention
To the seconds than the minutes

Hours are fleeting now
I could have loved you more
Prayed more fervently
Listened more dearly

But instead I was loud
 I am always too loud in my day
I’m not silent enough to know you
As I  wish to know you
In the stillness

I would meditate
Even now my eyes grow weary
Sleep is calling my name
I would that it were you Love

Oh, that I would dream of heaven
Oh, that if I must go into darkness
I would only know your light
I love you, and you alone, Love


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