Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mexico Morning

There's a little rain this morning. I'm down in the lobby taking advantage of the free wifi here. Must find some breakie before the TLABC courses begin this morning. I have a hankering for scrambled eggs. They have pastry juice and coffee in the meeting rooms. The Buffets here are incredible. I pride myself on getting out of bed and dressed. I was having fascinating dreams of dancing. Can't say I've been dancing in dreams for years. Courses to attend to then some time free in the afternoon to go into town. Even though this is work I feel like I'm on holiday. Relaxed. Well fed. Slow moving. Not at all harried. No hustle and bustle. Thank you Lord for this wonderful experience. Thank you for life and love and all the blessings you bestow on me. I am forever grateful for the priviledge to serve you. Guide me in all my actions today and protect and watch over all those I love and care for.

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