Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Day Walk with Gilbert, 2013

This is Gilbert's favourite off leash walk. It's different every time we come. Some of the same dog friends and always some new ones. I chat with the owners while the dogs sniff butts, play chase or try to hump each other. Gilbert pees on everything. It's a really exciting part of the dog day. DSCN0859DSCN0860 There's a nice view of Vancouver on the far shore. DSCN0862DSCN0863 Then there's the Lion's Gate Bridge. DSCN0864DSCN0865 It's right by the industrial part of the Vancouver Port with lots of going on at different times. Sometimes ships are being unloaded. Train cars come and go too. DSCN0866
DSCN0867 There's different birds to
be seen. Lots of variety of ducks and geese. Recently there have been a lot of crows. The trees one
night looked like that Hitchcock film. DSCN0873
DSCN0886 There's always great bums for Gilbert to snifff and dogs he really gets along with and plays ferociously with for a time.
DSCN0887It's all pretty rude but the owners are generally indisturbed by the normal politically incorrect canine communication. I always find it odd that the Darwinians are the greatest prudes in comparison. Dog owners by contrast are generally much more down to Earth

DSCN0901Sometimes the dogs play so fast they become a blur of activity. The tails go a mile a minute.
DSCN0892 It's all such a thirsty business too. DSCN0905 Now where is the next adventure

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