Friday, January 4, 2013

Fancy Friday

I've just learned that 'casual Friday' has been renamed 'Fancy Friday' and men are wearing ties and women frocks to work. It's a sound idea considering that end of the week is a celebration of sorts. I'd prefer 'casual Monday' myself. I'm not at all upset at losing Friday so long as I can have another day for slouching. "Maudlin Monday" would be a better alliteration though perhaps not convey the same as 'casual'.
There wasn't anything in the sound of 'casual Friday', just a general anti authority, socialistic anarchism with staff all glorying in jeans and bosses paying more for designer cuts now that they were wearing them other than the garden and garage. It was no doubt a move by the fashion industry to cut into the 'suit' sales which might be bypassed by 'Fancy Friday', the term suggesting something more over the top. Tuxedo Manufacturers and the Gown industry might be feeling the pinch of the economic times and unwilling to depend anymore on marriages, a dying institution since on line cheating became ubiquitous in the party circles.
I've long argued that Divorce Parties without the solemnity of lawyers and judges and merely managed by the local churches which claim God is Alpha and Omega should be taking back the institution of relationship from the cancerous growth of state supposedly banned from the bedrooms of the nations. I actually still have a tie somewhere.
 I never did like the golf shirt though my colleague wears shorts to work in winter. Another wears sandals all year, even in snow. There's certainly a lack of dress code in the computer geek set which might change with the spread of Skype. More people working out of their homes will certainly have to get out of their pyjamas with eyes on them. A Fancy Friday might be a start for the home work industry.
What a concept to dress and shave for some. I've never minded a turtleneck and jacket but having been to Europe where people dress as if others actually exist I was impressed with the general view of human nature, eye candy abounding but beyond that just the respectability. In the north american scene the running shoe has long been haute courture with the fattest most out of shape people sporting spandex. I've not seen a tailor on the street for years though love that shoe repairs and shoe cleaners are making a comeback. The Asian influx have brought nail care to an art form.
Women's hats are sexy once again with Matildas abounding. Men's fedoras are threatening the ball cap monopoly in America whereas in Europe the beret and togue are mainstays. Personally I'd fancy a top hat like Lincoln wore for Fancy Friday. With a really good Fancy Friday we might have the rest of the week a casual, since really, it is to a large extent, now. Sadly too.
We all know that the car runs better after it's been through the wash. And no doubt people work better out of pyjamas or sweats especially since it suggests developmentally a move beyond the group wear of adolescents when everyone thinks they're non conforming together. Fancy Friday might well be the new 'grunge' as children revolt against the carelessness that apparently threatens the very planet and show the first signs of self care in good grooming. Harry Potter didn't dress in rags. I'd enjoy a day of fine costume to celebrate the end of a week of work. Now who sells top hats still?

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