Saturday, January 26, 2013

Delphinus, Swimming With Dolphins, Mexico, 2013

I really really enjoyed this. The female bottlenosed dolphin's name was Kaan which means "sky" in the original native Mexican language. I was swimming with the dolphins, pushed through the water by dolphins, had dolphins jumping over me, playing with dolphins and even got kissed by KAAN. Sailing I've been surrounded by dolphins as far as the eye can sea travelling off the Mexican coast. I always seem to be joined by dolphins near the San Juan Islands and often in the Strait. I've even had dolphins swimming about me when I was night scuba diving. That truly was exciting but this was simply wonderful. CD1 CD2


Bungalos Paraiso said...

I am so jealous. A group (pod?) of dolphins were in the bay here a few years ago when I was swimming, and I swam out to join them but I stopped and came back to shore. As I was swimming toward them I thought "What DO I know about dolphins?" And more importantly What do they know about me? Do they know how long I can hold my breath? Not as long as they can.

haykind said...

Marion, I see on the Bugalos Paraiso site you are listed as 'patrona'. I loved staying at your Parksville retreat. You must definitely be listed in heaven at very least as the greatest of 'patronas'. Having swum with dolphins now I hope to swim with them in the wild. I've heard of other sailors having this experience as they enjoy people if they haven't been hunted. My hope is to come to Bungalos Paraiso .