Friday, January 18, 2013

Egg Quacamole Omelette

IMG 2431 I was a little concerned the eggs might go bad. I had six of them. I had this shrivelling guacamole or thing it comes from. There was some milk left over from my coffee. And this onion that had seen better days. I lopped off the outside of the onion that was all battered and old with neglect and got to the good centre core. I had just got this microwaveable pyrex bowl. Pyrex is awesome. I rinsed this bowl and then broke the eggs into it. I then put one or two tablespoons of butter in. The fact is I don't know how much. I'm just guessing. It was a wedge. I broke it off with the fork from the frozen quarter of butter. Then I slopped the remains of the organic cream in with it. The guacamole went next. I just scooped out the insides and through the skin and the big round seed into the waste. I remember when we were kids mom put that in water in a glass on the windowsill and we watched the guacamole grow. Really neat as a kid. I don't think these green things are called guacamole. I'm trying to remember the name. Quacamole is the stuff you make from the green thing that you dip mexican tortilla chips in. So I mixed that all up in the bowl then chopped off some of the onion on top and mixed that too. I ground the black clubhouse peppercorn grinder over top of this for a while. Another older guy told me about these grinders and they may increase the cost of straight pepper and salt but the convenience and fun is worth the extra cents. The McCormick roast garlic and salt grinder is even better. I added that. I then put the bowl in the microwave and punched in 8 because the last thing I did at 8 turned out really good. I watched it fluff up while throwing the ball for the dog. I lost my courage around 7 minutes and checked The centre caved a bit so I gave it the full 8 minutes. Then I took it out and it was still a little liquify in the middle so I stirred it up. I didn't know what else to do. It was that or put it back in. I made the right decision. Once it was stirred it settled really good and despite the sickly greenish guacamole tinge to the yellow eggs it was absolutely delicious. I could have left everything for a day or two and it would have been obviously dead. This was a perfect meal with coffee and I feel good that I had the manly courage to go for it. I smelt the eggs and everything and they'd smelt okay so it wasn't really that risky. It was all cooked too. The taste was great and I'm full of nourishment today and just wanted to share with others a great adventure in cooking when you don't really know what you're doing and kind of winging it. It's hard to go wrong with eggs though and frankly i think I've cooked eggs every way possible though I'd not microwaved guacamole and eggs together. I didn't want to use the frying pan because I'd have to have washed that and the plate. The microwave is great for less clean up. I think my brother or my mother taught me to cook my first egg when I was 12 so admittedly I've got over a half century of experience cooking eggs which might explain why the mess was utterly scrumptious to eat. It's not always been this way. You only get good with mistakes.

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