Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cenote Chac Mool, Mexico, January 2013, Cave Diving

Cenote Chac Mool
Lois Gerardo Bonilla Cepeda
+52 9848064931

I love scuba diving and have advanced and rescue PADI. I started my dive master course but sinusitis interrupted that.  Having once dove every couple of weeks I'm now lucky if I dive every year so make a point of going alone with an experienced divemaster.  It had been almost a year since I dived last so was absolutely delighted to dive with Luis Gerardo Bonilla Cepeda. I'm 60.  Geraldo dives with all ages, has been cave diving for 10 years, has lots of older divers, his oldest being 84. I've cave dived before in great deep ocean caverns down tunnels accompanied by sharks. Chac Mool is a whole lot nicer with lots of the grandeur and thankfully no sharks.  It's all stalagmites and fascinating Yucatan Peninsula geology. Relatively shallow dives in fresh water and friendly catfish. Incredible views. We started out in a shallow pool, almost like having a pool dive before the main dive. When I gave the o sign I was okay we descended deeper into first the open cave with just a little canopy effect. Incredible. The second dive was the  the Chac Mool, each cave having it's own Mayan name. This was a great second dive. It's real enclosed cave diving but no great distance. We went down through a passage following the rope and then came up in a large air pocket with light coming down from above along the roots of trees. The great tree roots were simply too remarkable. I'd never had this experience, coming up into a cave above the water. We talked about ecology and the Mayans and all sorts of thing before dropping down again to explore more of the incredible stalagmites. A group of divers were following along behind us so though we doddled we couldn't stay in the air pocket for ever.    What a tremendous experience though. I'd recommend this dive with Gerardo to anyone. I was also delighted with the pictures an underwater cameraman (Ivan Ayala Palacios - NACD#170) took and sold to me later. These a some of the many he took. There were also movies and a gallery with maps of the caves.
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