Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ladner and Delta, BC

Today was a perfect west coast winter day. Gilbert, my cockatoo and I headed out in the Mazda Miata with the top down to do some bird photography. Jason had told us he'd seen eagles and great snowy owls south of Vancouver. We drove around Delta and Ladner and got some terrific pictures. We even scared up a flock of ducks in the fields. Gilbert loved running about the fields.   The  little town of Ladner is lovely. We enjoyed walking along the dike looking at the boats in the various marinas. In the Ladner park where we found rabbits and more birds. It was wonderful of outdoors day of exercise, fresh air and beautiful scenery. I even saw a bridge turn on a pedestal to let a yacht go through. The sun was setting before we knew it. DSC 0097 Eagle2

DSC 0114
DSC 0123

DSC 0140
DSC 0144
DSC 0147
DSC 0148
DSC 0150
DSC 0157
DSC 0158
DSC 0162
DSC 0167
DSC 0174
DSC 0175

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