Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mayor Gregor Robertson, Congratulations!

Gregor Robertson won the Vancouver mayoral election beating Susan Anton.  Susan Anton gained significant popularity offering to reduce bicycle lanes disrupting the centre of the city and getting tough with the squatters of the protest movement, Occupy Vancouver.  Mayor Gregor Robertson won with cool head and soft spoken assurance that with patience not only would Occupy Vancouver be moved to accommodate the City Christmas festivities but also that it was no fault of his own that the rioters following the Canucks games had not yet been brought to justice.  Steady and determined Mayor Gregor Robertson, with even more experience, enters another term.  The near success of Susan Anton's campaign will no doubt influence Gregor Robertson's Vision. 

Thanks to the Mayor and City Vancouver remains one of the most envied, admired and popular cities in the world.  Despite exorbitant housing prices which speak to it's popularity it continues to grow with ever improved transportation.  

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