Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bahrain Doctors Tortured

How can Moslems stand by and allow such barbarism to continue in the name of Allah?  Moslems venerate Jesus as the healer and claim their religion as compassionate.  Bahrain can only be an embarrassment to the followers of Islam.  The rulers of Bahrain  would imprison and torture physicians for providing medical care. Not just male doctors but women doctors as well. Have the ruling Al Khalifa forgotten that the civilized  wipe their arses with the left hand? It would only be fitting if neither Christians or Moslems would eat with them until they freed these physicians.  If this is how the Bahrainian rulers treat their physicians, the SPCA  (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) should invade their country on behalf of the camels who must surely be abused by these pathetic infidels.


So the doctors and nurses are to be retried. Global opinion was utter disgust for the ignorance and spiritually bankrupt response of Bahrain to it's own healers.  I am praying for these doctors and nurses. I am praying too that the Bahraini leadership learn to not shit where they eat.

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Anonymous said...

we all pray for them too