Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dickinson Marine Mediterranean Propane Galley Range

I love Dickinson Stoves. James Giesbrecht just installed a new Dickinson Marine Mediterranean Propane Galley Range on my SV GIRI>  It's skookum.  After 25 years I couldn't get parts for my old Force 10. That's always a concern in marine world so often a reason now I stick with the mainstream on the big items.
This Dickinson just makes me want to spend the day cooking. I love all the safety features too.  Having shot a deer this fall I've already made venison stew and tonight just had venison steak.  One day soon I'll use the oven.  I can't wait till Tom, my sailing buddy, who made the best bread on our return sail from Hawaii, checks it out.  Looks great in the galley too.  Does wonders for spiffing up the old boat.
I've had Dickinson Diesel Heaters for over 25 years. James earlier this year  installed a new Newport. I'd tarnished the outside of the old one with too much neglect of salt water coming through the port windows in heavy seas and blows. It had done me for decades too. I've certainly needed the heat winter sailing on the north Pacific coast.   Rather than trying to clean up the old one, I was glad to have a new one.
I depend on my stoves and really appreciate Dickinson engineering for the efficiency and safety.  Flames and boats are worrisome so it's good there are experts.
So here  I am, warm on a winter's night, eating a hot home cooked meal and loving it.  NThank you, God!IMG 0188IMG 0187IMG 0214IMG 0218

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